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How to get a accurate reading on a radar gun?

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you buy an expensive one

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How accurate is a police radar gun when the car is going down hill?

Very accurate, it measures speed and doesn't care if the vehicle is traveling up or down, toward or away from the radar gun.

Are cops allowed to use a radar gun while moving?

Yes. The radar gun is more complex than a stationary gun, but is just as accurate when properly tested and used.

If you put larger diameter tires on your car how would the speedometer reading compare to the speed measured by a radar gun?

idon't know about the speedometer reading but the speed the radar gun is the same as the relative movement of the vehicle not the speed at which the tires revolve

Is a radar gun accurate at night?

Yes, it is just as effective as it is in day. A radar just picks up on anything it can find moving in its view. Your headlights are picked up by the radar as movement.

How do you clock your baseball pitch without a radar gun?

with a radar gun

Can a radar gun clock a car decelerating?

i dont think it can because it take a reading like a photograph it doesnt carry on changing the speed. For example: when you take a picture it takes a snapshot of what it can see. The same is done by a radar gun. Hope this helps!! :)

Can an officer refuse to let you see the speed reading on his radar gun during a traffic stop in the state of Indiana?

This a section for FIREARMS.

Does an officer have to show you the radar gun in wyoming?

Yes. Otherwise it is their word against yours. You are also entitled to know the serial number of the gun used, if you intend to contest the accuracy of the reading.

Can radar guns be used while vehicle is moving?

No, if you are moving 30 mph and another car is too, the radar would say the car is going 0 mph. depends on where you are... in some areas yes Thats the idea, radar guns are used to check a vehicles speed, if you mean can a radar gun be used from a moving vehicle then no, the gun must be stationary otherwise an inaccurate reading will result.

In Louisiana do the police have to show you the radar gun reading?

No, not on the scene. But if you go to court the officer will have to present certification as to their training to operate it, and the fact that was"calibrated."

A police radar gun measures the speed of a car by?

It measures the time it takes for the radar pulse to go from the radar gun to your vehicle and back. The pulse is fairly constant so the radar gun is getting updates and by comparing the updates to the time it can determine speed.

Does a radar gun work around a bend or curve?

A radar gun only works when there's a free line-of-sight betweent he gun and its target vehicle.

Is police radar accurate through their rear window?

Yes. The glass does not affect the radar.

Can radar detectors tell you if a cop car is near you?

Only if he has his radar gun on. Radar detectors are not cop detectors.

Can a police radar gun detect your license plate number?

If the Radar gun is part of traffic camera (like red light cameras) yes, but if it is the usual hand held radar gun, then it does not assist the police in detecting your license plate.

Does an officer have to show you the radar gun in Kansas?

Not sure, but I would think it would be the same in all states. In Louisiana, if you get stopped for speeding, you have the legal right to request to see the radar reading. And to note the time on the gun that the reading was made. If you feel it is not correct, and that you were not going as fast as the officer claims you were, you also have the right to request to see the calibration record of the radar equipment. The radar equipment is supposed to be calibrated at least once a year, and if they cannot, or won't show you the calibration record when you request it, then you should have a pretty good case to fight the ticket in court.

Does an officer have to show you the radar gun in California?


Can you get a ticket without the radar gun?


How can we detect the speed of the ball?

get a radar gun.

How do you calculate a horse's speed?

Radar gun.

When was the radar gun invented?

March 1954

What is a speed trap gun?

A radar gun police use to check for speeders.

Are police mobile radar guns accurate?

False, No!

Can a radar detect you on a jet ski?

Yes, a radar gun can be used on any moving object.

In Tennessee what are the requirements for radar gun certifications and how often do officers have to be certified?

TN does not require radar certification. They only require working knowledge of thegun and how radar works. they do require the gun itself to be certified though.