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How to get a divorce in Jamaica?

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how can i file for a divorce in Jamaica

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How long does it take to get a divorce in Jamaica?

how long does it take to get divorce in jamaica

I live in Jamaica but married in usa can I get a divorce in Jamaica?

You can get a divorce inboth place but, its easier in the U.S.

What is the cost of a divorce in Jamaica?

to obtain a divorce in jamaica and the correspondent lives in Cananda how much would that be

Divorce in Jamaica?

A divorce in Jamaica can be obtained by hiring a lawyer to dissolve the marriage. A lawyer will file divorce papers with the courts and get a hearing date.

How can you get a divorce in the UK if i married in Jamaica?

Apply for a divorce in the normal manner in the US.

How long before you get a divorce as the respondent in Jamaica?

If you going through a divorce you have a lot of things in your mind including how long it will take to respond to the petition. In Jamaica you may have to wait up to 12 months to get a divorce as the respondent.

How do you divorce a spouse whom you married abroad?

if i was married in Jamaica aug 2010 how do I get a divorce in atlanta

If you were married in Jamaica where would you go to file for a divorce?

I got married in 2001 in Jamaica, Im now living st. Maarten and wish to get divorce but dont know how to start.

How do you file a divorce for a deported person in Jamaica?

It is possible to divorce even though the other person is in another country. The paperwork can be done in your place of residence.

Can you divorce your wife in the US if she is in Jamaica?

If YOU are a resident of the US, you can divorce an absent (or missing) spouse. Laws differ state to state- you need an attorney in YOUR state, and not WikiAnswers for this one.

I was married in Jamaica can I get a divorce in the U.S.?

If you and your spouse live in the US and meet your states residency requirements, yes.

I am a citizen of Iowa but got married to a jamaican in Jamaica last fall and want to know if i can get a divorce in Iowa that will end the marriage?

First of all if you get a divorce there of course it is it is a divorce but if you want to go back but you don't get a divorce of course that isn't going to end it if he/she loves you he/she wants the best for you!

How long does a divorce take in Jamaica?

In order to obtain a divorce in Jamaica, the married couple must separate for a continuous 12 month period first. After the 12 months are up, either party can file divorce papers. It could then take several months for the papers to be signed and accepted by the court. The petitioner must then make sure the respondent is served with those papers within 14 days. it can then take another six weeks for the judge to grant the divorce.

Your husband lives in Jamaica you live in the US how can you get a divorce in Jamaica?

by getting a divore docement from the government of tbhe US then go to Jamaica and if the other person want a divore as well he or her sign the document and you take it back to the US to the govement or send it by post office to the country and that is how you do it.

Do you need to file for divorce if married in Jamaica live in us never filed marriage with clerk of courts?

Did you get a marriage certificate? If you got one then yes.. welcome to the club.. you have to get divorced

If i married in Jamaica live in the us did not registered with the city that we lived in What do we need or how do we go about getting divorced?

You don't need to register with the city where you are living this is not a requirement in the United States, so this is not a factor in your divorce. If you want a divorce each of you needs to get a lawyer and file the papers with the court to start the divorce.

If you married in Jamaica can you get a divorce in the US?

Divorce in the United States is governed by the particular laws of each US State (ie: Florida). The requirements are different in each State. Any person seeking to file divorce must know what are the requirements of the State in which the person seeks to file a divorce (Dissolution of Marriage). So long as the filing requirements for the particular state is met, any person meeting those requirements can generally file for divorce no matter where marriage took place (Jamaica or anywhere else in the world). In Florida, Divorce is can be had by any person where at least one of the two married persons resides in the State of Florida for six (6) months prior to date of filing divorce. Florida residency can generally be established by a Florida drivers licenses, or by voters registration card, or by affidavits from witnesses.

How can two U. S. citizens married in Jamaica get a divorce in the U. S.?

Visit the family court in your jurisdiction. You can pick up the necessary forms for filing for divorce and the clerk will let you know if you need a copy of your marriage certificate.

Is Jamaica estates in Jamaica queens?

no, Jamaica estates is in montego bay Jamaica

Who rules Jamaica?

Jamaica is ruled by the Government of Jamaica.

What are their eating customs in Jamaica?

what are the eating customs in Jamaica what are the eating customs in Jamaica what are the eating customs in Jamaica

What is the formal name of Jamaica?

The official name of Jamaica is simply 'Jamaica'

What is the national currency of Jamaica?

The currency of Jamaica is the Jamaica Dollar (JMD).

Does Jamaica have foresets?

Yes Jamaica has forests there are about 23 forests in Jamaica.

What is Jamaica official name?

The official name of Jamaica, is simply 'Jamaica'.

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