How to get a pet on Poptropica?

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as far as i know your poptropican can't get a pet

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Q: How to get a pet on Poptropica?
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What is pet town island on Poptropica?

there is no pet island on poptropica

Where do you get a free pet on Poptropica?

you can get one on skullduggery island

Where in the pet store is the bird toy in poptropica?

In the 3rd floor pet store, on the left side

How do you find Eddie the snake on poptropica?

exit the pet shop then follow him

When is petown island coming out on poptropica?

There is no Pet Town Island. (it was a bogus answer)

How do you get a pet bat on Poptropica?

Although they are visible at Shark Tooth Island and other locations, the only way to get a "pet bat" would be the "Spook" Followers pack in the Poptropica Store, which includes ghosts, bats, and jack o'lanterns.

How can you get a house and pet on Poptropica?

You could get a house on Poptropica. But not a pet. To get a house you could get a house on 24 Carrot Island! It's on the carrot farm. If you complete 24 Carrot Island... you have a mystery roomate! You go thru the chimney to get in. Is that easy enough.

How can you get a pet puppy in poptropica?

Yo can not get it any more but you used to be able to by completing the barbie add

How do you get pets in Poptropica?

first go to nabooti island and go into the museam next to the stachue type in pet then you will get to pick your own pet okay it's not that hard!!!

When can you get a pet on Poptropica?

You can't really except if you keep making the kitty on 24 carrot island follow you.

How do you decode the letter in the pet shop?

A person can decode the letter in the pet shop on Poptropica by clicking on the code translator in the bottom corner of the screen. Then, head to the sports shop to deliver the code.

Where do you get the dog in Poptropica?

You can get dogs as a gift on ads in the islands.

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