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i am a GCSE pupil doing my exams to, the key to success is to study and revise...because lets face it you will get nowhere if you don't! so get those books out and revise!! :) if your not that sort of a learner,find out your learning style by learning visually with colourful mindmaps (The brain loves colour) it's a well known fact, so try that or you could also make up a song :) there are plenty of ways to learn :) i hope this helped :)

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I keep hearing this all the time and does not help
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To get good grades in your exams, make sure to attend classes regularly, take thorough notes, review consistently, ask questions when in doubt, and practice past exam papers. It's important to study in a quiet and organized environment, get plenty of rest before the exam, and manage your time effectively during the test. Remember, preparation is key to success!

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Q: How to get good grades in my exams?
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How do you do good in exams and get good grades?

You get good grades by listening to the teacher and doing your homework on time so you can absorb all your info for the future exams ahead it is really hard when you are in year 7 you know so you just have to work to the best of your ability

Why do you need to study before tests or exams?

to get good grades to get into a good college to get a good job and not go bankrupt Because it is important to receive good grades so that you may enter a well-payed career in the future.

Does d mean pass for gcse exams?

A pass is any grade they give you , but only grades above C are considered to be good grades, so D is seen as a not very good grade for employers.

Does this sentence clearly state its meaning The teacher returned the exams to the students without grades on them?

No. The sentence is ambigious in it's meaning. Although the reader might assume that the teacher returned exams that did not have grades marked upon them, the teacher could have been returning exams to students who were themselves not marked with grades.

Will you pass your exams?

I predict that you will fail your exams unless you have been studying. The best way to be sure you will pass your exams is to keep up with your schoolwork every day. Click on the Related Questions for more tips on studying and making good grades.

How do apply to become a doctor?

get gcse's a levels at grade AAA pass university exams BMAT or UKCAT and hopefully with good grades you will get accepted.

From how many marks grades are formed in o-level exams?


What is the best place to find federal grants for college?

First of all, you have to get good grades, then you have to pass all the exams that are required for getting a federal grant for college. After you do all this, you are ready.

What school exams are taken in Scotland?

Standard Grades in fourth year, Higher Grades in fifth year and the Certificate of Sixth Year Studies in sixth year.

Does drake Parker get good grades?

No he does not get good grades he gets bad grades!

How do you get a 95 on trig regents?

You get good grades by keeping up with your work at all times, doing all of the homework and practice work, reviewing your quizzes and exams, and studying and practicing your trigonometry.

Does studies say that studying help your grades?

It is confirmed that studying is very effective when it comes to better grades in school. Studying for test, exams can refresh what you have already learned and will give you a better chance at great grades.