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You cannot make or force someone to do something they may not be ready to do or do not want to. Instead of trying to force things and pressure him, relax and allow things to unfold naturally as guys don't like to be pestered, nagged or bothered with such things - that will only push him away. Enjoy things and when/if its time things will happen.

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What should you do if you were dating this girl but then you broke up but you still really like her?

You should talk to her and if she agrees to go out with you again then try not to mess things up again. If you make the mistake of breaking up with her again, if she agrees, then you don't deserve her.

How do you get the guy you were dating back and want him to want you again?

act really nice and look pretty so they will like you again

Do you have to do what baoba says in SoulSilver?

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You really don't know if you'll ever see a guy again. But like most things in life you have to make things happen.

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Hi, I have recently attend the Online Dating Webinar ,it was conducted by the International Dating and Relationship Institute, really useful and its absolutely free . If you interested ๐Ÿ‘‰ ht tp s: // bit . ly / 3q1SLZa

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