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When you cannot get a computer out of "power save mode", the culprit usually is an empty battery on the motherboard of your computer. Typically, this happens on a computer which is a few years old, since its batteries will have run out after such a long time. The motherboard battery is used to store various settings, such as date and time, when the mains power is off. When your computer detects an empty battery, it goes into a low-power mode. The computer will then display as message, like "Power save mode - press any key on keyboard or move mouse". However, in certain circumstances, doing so does nothing. The solution is to replace the button-cell battery on the motherboard of your computer: * open the case of your computer; * visually locate the motherboard (the main electronic circuit board) of your computer; * visually scan the motherboard for a button-cell battery (it looks like a digital watch battery, but a bit larger); * remove this motherboard battery from your computer; * restart your computer: it should now power up normally (you may get some warning messages during the start-up sequence, but ignore them); * set the date and time of your computer using the "Date and Time" control panel; * you can now use your computer normally, but you will lose date and time settings when you disconnect the computer power cord, since there is no motherboard battery present to store them; * take the motherboard battery to an electronics store and get a replacement; * install the new battery in your computer; * restart your computer, and set the date and time again; the settings will now be saved using motherboard battery power.

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What is bios settings where it is?

After imported videos and others by flash drive to my computer after that my computer screen in black when on switch on mode

What causes a computer to go black screen?

Off course computer screen can go black when ever it enter standby mode and no graphics is selected for the screen server . Mean while the same thing can happen if the CPU hibernate.

What is safe mode and how do you know if you are in safe mode how does it get into safe mode on your computer?

it depends on what PC you have. on apple and windows X.p professional, if the computer is not turned off properly of you had a power , your computer will/might come up a screen saying "your computer was not shut down properly and as a result data was lost. choose safe mode to return this data back or continue normally!" You can also access Safe Mode when you boot up Windows and press F8 repeatedly on the black screen. It'll give you the option to either access Safe Mode, or Safe Mode with Networking.

What is the power saving mode on your computer called?

The power saving mode on your computer is called standby mode or hibernation mode.

How do you know if your computer is in sleep mode?

You know that your computer is in sleep mode when the screen is dark and all you see is your screen saver. There will not be any sounds coming from the computer either.

How do you make the computer full screen?

If you press 'F11' the computer will turn into full screen mode.

Why do screens on cell phones go black?

They go black because they're resting to save the battery. All the screens go black because of the screen saver mode or power saving mode in which they are set.

What is computer hibernate mode?

Computer hibernate mode is what happens when the computer is not in use for a certain amount of time. Different companies set different amount of times until hibernate mode is triggered. There are 2 stages of hibernate mode. They are:A black background with the company logo moving on different areas of the screen.A completely black screen and the light by the power button usually goes from gfeen to orange.The first stage of hibernate mode is preset by the manufacturer. It can be changed to something more personal, such as a picture of the family vacation or something of the sort. The first stage of hibernate mode is also normally called the screen-saver.The hibernate mode can be deactivated by just simply moving the mouse or pressing any key on the keyboard. Many people prefer to move the mouse, because pressing a button can accidentally trigger something on the waiting screen.The second stage of hibernate mode is also normally called sleep mode. Hibernate mode saves more energy as is, because stages one and two of hibernate mode, together, are also know as power saving mode.

I only have a black screen and a mouse arrow but nothing else works what is the issue?

Reboot into safe mode (By pressing the F8 key when you start your computer) and see if you get the windows screen. If it is black in safe mode then means your windows is corrupted. If you can see the screen that means windows is ok. Run msconfig under safe mode then reboot and see if everything works.

What is the mode in which the presentation appears on the computer screen?


How do you go into safe mode on windows XP?

When you turn on your computer, click the F8 key while the black "boot" screen is up. A screen will come up that will allow you to choose safe mode as an option in starting windows.

What appears after your computer has experienced a period of inactivity?

Depending on your settings, generally your screen will dim and in some cases you computer will go into hibernate mode to save power

What is a screensaver?

A screensaver is the image, or video etc. that your computer puts on the screen when it goes into a lower power system (similar to "sleep" mode).

How can someone repair the Windows black screen?

There are many ways someone can repair the Windows black screen. Sometime it can be repaired by re-booting the computer. However is that doesn't work, it must be booted through safe mode.

Why does your laptop screen turn black after a few minutes?

There are many instances in which a laptop screen turns black. If the screen turns black after a few minutes, on a consistent basis, your laptop is either running a "blank" screen saver or it is entering some type of power-save mode (i.e. sleep or hibernation).

How do you get the full screen mode off your computer?

Press F11 or F10

How do you get a computer out of power safe mode?

unplug it

What do you do when your computer is in power save mode?

eat it

What is it called when the computer is in a reduced power consumption mode?


How do you get god mode black ops?

By commands on your computer and you can't get god mode on your xbox

When you look at a Windows desk top how can you tell if the system has been booted into a Safe Mode?

Hiya when mine is in safe mode I can tell because it says Safe Mode in each corner of the computer screen xx Hiya when mine is in safe mode I can tell because it says Safe Mode in each corner of the computer screen xx

In which mode does the computer remain on but the monitor and disk drives are inactive?

Standby, power mode

How do you exit dfu mode on iPod Touch without computer?

1. Start iTunes and connect iDevice to computer using cable that came with iDevice2. Hold down both HOME and Power buttons for 10 seconds or until screen goes black3. Press the Power button and wait until your iDevice restarts.

How do you get your computer out of power save mode?

When a computer is stuck in power save mode you will usually have to open the computer and remove and replace the battery from the mother board. Once the battery is removed you should be able to re-start the computer normally.

How do you turn off suspend mode?

Do you mean "hybernate" or "system standby"? If so, to to "my computer", click on "control panel" then "Display", "Screen saver" then "power". At that point you can either change power schemes or hibernate.