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Q: How to get past the ice place in majora mask?
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How do you get to mountans in majora's mask?

go north of clock town and use your hero's bow to hit the ice shard above the ice it will fall and break the ice now you can go to the mountains though you need bombs.

How do you get into death mountain in majoras mask?

Death Mountain isn't in Majora's Mask. The mountain area is Snowhead, which you can get to by going to the part of Termina Field covered in snow and using an arrow on the loose piece of ice.

Where to get fire and ice arrows in The Legend of Zelda?

depends on the game. In ocarina of time you find the fire arrows at lake hylia, the ice in the gerudo training grounds. In wind waker the queen fairy gives them to you. In majora's mask you find fire in the snowhead temple and the ice arrows at the great bay temple

How do you get to goron mountan in the Legend of Zelda majora's mask?

At Termina Field, go to the area covered in snow. Go up the ramp, where you'll see a bunch of ice blocking your way. Target the piece of ice above it, and hit it with an arrow to destroy the ice. Go through the route by destroying the snowballs with your bombs, and you'll eventually reach the Mountain Village.

How do you find warm water in majora's mask at snowhead?

There are two places I know of, though there might be more. Once is where you get the Goron Mask, once you pull back Darmani's grave. The other is on the third small island you cross on your way to Goron Village, though it's blocked by ice. You need to melt it with either fire arrows, or more hot water.

How do you get to the Mountain Region on Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

To enter the Mountain Village you must first Acquire the Hero's Bow from Woodfall Temple. North of the gates of Termina you will see a Ice Block in the way to enter the Mountain Village you have to shoot the Ice Pillar above it and it will destroy it allowing you to enter.

Does lemonade melt ice?

Well yes, because the lemonade is warmer than the ice, therefor it raises the temperature of the ice past the melting point. The warmer the surrounding area the quicker this takes place.

What is the past participle of ice?

Iced is the past participle of ice.

How do you get to Mountain Village in Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

You need the arrows from woodfall temple then go north from clock town shoot down the icicle above you to break the rest of the ice continue upwards you need bombs if you want to continue you will soon be blocked by snowballs blast them and continue and now your in mountain village.

How do you spell past tense of ice?

Ice is a noun and does not have a past tense.

How do you get past Ice Path in Pokemon Heartgold?

what you do to get past ice path is you look on youtube and go by step

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What are the past tense and past participle of ice?


Who wore the first goalie mask in ice hockey?

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How do you get past ice path on SoulSilver?

whan you get to the ice cave you need strength to get past it youll have to push the boulders in the holes.

What was ice cream made of in the past?

There were cows and goats in the past. Therefor, ice-cream was made of milk, sugar and colourants.

How do you get Goron's Lullaby in Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

You can get the Goron Lullaby by finding the crying Goron kid's father in a block of ice by the Hotspring hole, you have to talk to his son and he will ask you to sing a song to stop his son's crying. The father only remembers fragments of the song, and once you finish the portion that he teaches you, the son will play along and you will learn the Goron's Lullaby.

Past tense of the word spread?

Today I spread salt on the ice. Yesterday I spread salt on the ice. The past tense of spread is spread.

What does a uniform of a Hockey player consist of?

Jersey face mask ice skates pads

How do you get to snowhead temple in majora's mask?

head to the mountains and use an arrow to break the ice in front of the mountain entrance, then head to the goron village and go in the goron shrine, talk to the crying goron kid, and go find his dad in a giant snowball, talk to him and he teaches you the goron lullaby, go back to the shrine and play it for him and it will make him fall asleep, then go to the snowhead temple trail and play it for the giant goron on the mountain

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when all the ice has melted

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an ice age

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