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Q: How to get rid of bad cough with mucus?
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Related questions

Is aeroflux good for cough relief?

It is good for chronic cough and helps to get rid of the mucus. It is not a cough sedative.

How do you get rid of a cough with mucus drainage?

Guaifenesin, which is an active ingredient in many cough medicines. It is an expectorant to help loosen secretions so you can cough them up. If you are talking about nasal mucus drainage, ask the pharmacist for suggestions.

How do you get rid of a bad cough?

i have had a bad cough for the past week now and idon't no how to get rid of it. it keeps me up most of the night and i have a runny nose aswell. i have had some soothers but that dosent seem to be working if you no how to get rid of a bad cough please tell me thank you x okay to get rid of a cough try to eat some salt with your orange juice or something else as long as it was salt in it

How do you get rid of a bad chesty cough?

deal with it

How do you get rid of excessive musus?

Drink lots of water. Water loosens the mucus and helps you to cough it up.

How do you get rid of cough?

If it's bad, go to a doctor

Why did my mucus pill cause me to cough?

Mucus pills work by breaking up the mucus and when it is broken loose you cough it up.

What the reasons for coughing?

The reason you cough is because there are too many germs in your body, and your body tries to get rid of it. Spit out the mucus! :)

Why do you cough?

you cough to get the mucus out of the tracea (throut)

How do you get rid of a runny nose and a very bad cough?

Go to bed?

What is a nonproductive cough?

A nonproductive cough is a cough that does not bring up phlegm or mucus. It is also called a dry cough, and tends to irritate the throat much more than a productive cough (a cough that brings up phlegm and/or mucus) does.

What is a medication used to relieve or prevent coughing?

It depends whether your cough produces mucus or not. If your cough does not produce mucus, then you could use an expectorant (Mucinex). If your cough does produce mucus, then you could use a suppressant (Delsym).

Have had a bad cough for months how to get rid of it?

Any cough lasting longer than two weeks should be investigated by a physician.

Can you take mucinex DM and penicillin?

Yes! Absolutely... I have tried it for years and it's the only treatment that gets rid of my bad cough! Yes! Absolutely... I have tried it for years and it's the only treatment that gets rid of my bad cough!

What do we cough up?

sputum is not what you cough up people cough up mucus

What mechanisms does the human respiratory system have for getting rid of inhaled dirt?

Your body covers the contaminate in mucus, which you cough up per a reflex.

Why do smokers cough in the morning?

They have mucus in tgheir liungs and the mucus sticks to the tar and gets spat out of the persosn mouth when they cough.

What is wet cough?

usually a regular cough when tries to get the mucus out and it doesn't succeed so your just sick. A wet cough is when the mucus is everywhere and it seems to make you sicker

How do you get rid of a bad cough and mucus?

Cough and cold preparations with the active ingredient guaifenesin are my cough and cold preferred over-the-counter products. It is especially good when the lung and bronchial secretions are thick and difficult to cough up. It loosens the viscosity of the secretions. Commonly available products containing guaifenesin are Robitussin cough medicine and Mucinex (and their generic equivalents). Guaifenesin is made from the guaiac tree and the ingredient has been used for hundreds of years by Native Americans.

What does green mucus from cough mean?

Well thats is what is causing you to cough the mucus its tickling your throat you have to try and cough it up or have a green tea with honey and lemon in it its really nice and it will sooth your throat.

Is it bad to swallow mucus when you are sick?

No, in essence it is not. But it is better if you get if out if you can. Because it's going to stay in there until you blow it out your nose, or cough it up.

What does it mean when you cough up red mucus?

If you cough up red mucus then it could be indicative of a serious medical problem. You should consult a doctor.

What is the best way to get rid if a bad cough and stuffy nose?

go to a local cvs or Walgreen's

Where does the mucus you cough up develop?

In your uterus.

How do smokers clear their lungs of mucus?

They cough