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Find a good Search Engine and just type in the key word i.e. "maori". Hitting the "Search" button will give you a list of websites containing the key word types by you. You can click on the link to visit the website to view what you are looking for.

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According to the website below, Te Puke means "the hill."

A maori dictionary is a dictionary based on the Maori native language. It includes words which can only be found in the maori language and there is no english translation.

words containing the "you": your youth young

A maori dictionary is just like an english dictionary, but for the maori language. You still have pronunications and explanations for words all aphabetized.

To say the words light green in Maori you say marama matomato. In the French language these words are said as vert clair.

There are three Maori words that mean cherry. All of which are correct. They are tiere, tere and heri.

It is a dictionary containing only words relating to bridges. It is a dictionary containing only words relating to bridges. It is a dictionary containing only words relating to bridges.

Waiu Kurukuruwhatu (literally curdled milk) or Tihi (Maori transliteration of the English 'cheese').

Maori words meaning a landmark are:tohutohu whenuapou rahui (a boundary marker)

This is the following translation of the two words in Maori: new beginnings means tīmatanga hou

Words containing a hyphen (-)

From Maori language. There are two versions for the Maori days of the week. One with maori language words and the other which is derived from the English eg Ratu, Ratapu, Rapare vs Mane, Ture, Wenere etc

kokonati and kokonata are two words which mean coconut. Niu is the Maori word for Coco or coconut palm.

A group of related words containing a subject and verb is a sentence.

you speak maori by learning and experiencing maori life. maori people live, eat, breath and speak maori because they have learnt it over a period of years. some are raised speaking maori. To know how to speak maori is to learn from people who have experienced maori and is fluent and willing to teach you. In New Zealand laws of education, the Maori language is part of the circculam. At my school year 7 and 8 have the Tereo class complosary. the school is also enfluenced by the culture. All students have some understanding of the simple words of the Maori language.

panata is the Maori word for Pantha. I believe the word stays the same for both singular and plural words.

Some words containing the root "the" are theory, thesis, theme, and theology. Other words with the root in them are anathema and antithesis.

There are a few words, one is 'hine' Source:

tipuna, tupuna, tūpuna, tīpuna all are Maori words meaning grandparent or ancestor. All words are correct, the variation is due to differences between eastern and western dialects.

"That" is not a root word. Therefore, there are no words containing it. I may be misreading, but I am pretty sure that you are asking for a word containing the root word "that".

There are many of these. Even the word president. Check out this website:

One word containing the word enjoy is enjoyment.

No. In the official Scrabble dictionary there are lots of four-letter words containing two i's, but no three-letter words.

Cardboard Glue String Glue Cello tape Paint Glitter stickers mask please tell me the maori kupu for these words

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