How to make concrete bonding agent?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: How to make concrete bonding agent?
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Can you lay wet concrete on dry concrete?

This may be possible if you prep the dry concrete with a latex bonding agent.

Can you apply wet concrete to dry concrete?

Yes, you can. You should clean the dry concrete with water and a brush first, and you should use a bonding agent (available pretty much anywhere you buy concrete) for optimal adhesion. You may also wish to add reinforcement such as rebar.

What is the recipe to make your own Gunite including an acrylic cement bonding agent?

Concrete Gunite3 part river sand, 2 parts stone (crusher), 1 part cement Mix stiff and hand pack.

What wre some problems in building the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel?

The problem was the use of a bonding agent (FX-752) on top of crushed concrete treated with a penetrating sealant (FX-771) and after the sealant had cured. The sealant prevented the bonding agent from bonding severely weakening the bond of the concrete. Despite previous warnings of this it was still used. resulting in extra lane closures throughout the year so that the overlay had to be stripped off and the work redone.

Can you put drywall over existing durock concrete board?

Yes and no. Short answer is you need to apply a bonding agent to the durock so the plaster will stick. Blueboard is chemically treated to accept plaster, durock is not so it will just fall off without a bonding agent.

Will soy powder turn into a bonding agent?


What will increase bonding of old and new concrete?

Etching of the old concrete with muriatic acid is sometimes done to slightly roughen the surface. There are also commercially available bonding agents available at concrete suppliers and at some home centers.

What is one of the things you are trying to accomplish when consoliating concrete?

ensure concrete bonding around the reinforcing steel

Wetting agent that interferes with hydrogen bonding in water?


Can you bond concrete to concrete?

Yes, provided you use a bonding agent.Unfortunately, the term Bonding Agent is used very loosely! In actuality a "Bonding Agent" winds up being a material placed on the existing concrete [Substrate] in the hope that the mix water in the to be placed material will not be absorbed into the host, thus depriving the placed material from proper hydration because the mix water is being absorbed into the host and not properly reacting with the New material being applied.This, usually is evidenced by a crack appearing at the interface. Resulting in the loss of bond. Cement slurry, bonding agents and wetting solutions are attempted to prevent this cracking.The only treatment needed is to waterproof the host concrete!! Very easy to do and demonstrates an immediate waterproofing affect. This allows an overlayment or patch to be applied with no water from the applied material being prematurely absorbed into the host material causing a bond problem and shrinkage cracking at this joint.Any concrete designed to be applied to an existing concrete must be allowed to properly hydrate and cure to obtain the design strength requirements. If the amount of mix water needed for this complete hydration is sucked out of the mix into the old concrete, it will show a crack and not cure correctly.A "Bonding Agent" is supposed to prevent this. Several products are manufactured for this use or several old school recipes are available for trial, but it all boils down to waterproofing the concrete.If you waterproof the host material, you'll see a problem free addition of more concrete!

Influence of Cement Foaming Agent on the Quality of Foamed Concrete?

The influence of cement foaming agent on the quality of foam concrete is very important. A good cement foaming agent can make high-quality foamed concrete. The foam produced by high-quality cement foaming agent has good stability and can be constructed in a low temperature environment. The one-time pouring height is more than twice that of similar cement foaming agents.

How long does carbon fiber last?

It depends on the bonding agent and process