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How to make fruit basket?


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August 08, 2009 9:00PM

How to Make a Fruit Basket by Fruit Basket Review

Buy fruit from the local farmer's market or directly from orchardists. If those aren't available go to the grocery store with the best produce. Buy lots of varities of apples, oranges, pears, and any other varieties that are available. Check each piece of fruit and select the biggest ones without bruises and blemishes. If there are any exotic fruits like pineapple, mango, and kiwi those can make good accent fruits for your fruit gift basket.

In addition to fruit, you can add smoked mixed nuts, chocolate covered cherries, summer sausages, gourmet garlic cheeses, yogurt covered pretzels, chocolate covered toffees, a bottle of sparkling cider or wine, or any other gourmet items that you know your recipient likes.

A lot of people will find a simple wicker basket to pack their fruit basket. But remember, the basket itself will be the only thing left after the fruit and gourmet items are gone. Nice baskets will be put in your recipients living room, cheap ugly ones will be thrown away. So spend a few extra dollars on a nice basket and the basket will be showcased and be a reminder of your kindness.

You'll then need to decide on what you'll use as packing material which you should be able to find at a local craft store. You'll need a packing grass to cushion between fruit pieces and especially when you stack the fruit. Also buy some gift tissue paper and heat-sealable plastic gift wrap.

Put a small layer of packing grass in the bottom of the basket. Wrap the biggest apples, oranges, and pears in the tissue paper and cover the entire bottom of the basket with a layer of fruit. Wrap additional fruit for a second, third, and maybe a fourth layer and create a pyramid of wrapped fruit, always adding packing grass between each layer, and peaking with one or two pieces of fruit on the top depending on the shape of the basket. The reason you only use apples, oranges, and pears, is because you are building the foundation, and you don't want to include fruit that will easily bruise or damage in the foundation.

Now with your foundation built, lay out all your gourmet items, and remaining fruit and begin to place it on the top of your foundation. Alternate fruit types and gourmet items as you place them, for example, don't put two green apples next to each other. Stuff packing grass in between each item to keep everything in place. You want your fruit and gourmet items to stay in place without the plastic gift wrap you put on in the next step.

Use a heat-sealable plastic gift wrapping to protect your fruit basket. You can buy plastic gift wrapping in different colors and designs, although when using heat-sealable plastic gift wrapping with edible products, make sure that it is approved for direct food contact. Cut the plastic gift wrapping 3 times the size of your basket. Place the fruit basket in the middle of the plastic gift wrapping, and bring up the sides. Secure the plastic gift wrapping at the top, and use the hot air from a blow dryer to seal the bag. Then embellish your gift basket with ribbons and bows.