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To make your iphone battery life last longer turn off location services, reduce screen brightness, and turn bluetooth off.


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It really depends on how log you've had the IPhone. And if your brightness is turned down. It matters most how old your IPhone is, how your battery life is, and all of the tips you can use to make your battery life longer. I hope this information helped you!

Depending on what app you use. Some apps take a lot of battery life to use others less. A battery life tip is to go into your settings and turn down the brightness. This will help the battery life last longer.

by the lantern battery charger for it. :D

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus has a better battery life than the Apple iPhone 6.

keep the iPhone in distance from strong sunshine and water and wet. It will help to improve the iPhone battery life. However, as iPhone is powerful in function, the battery is very easy to finish. You can buy another power for backup. if the iphone battery is broken, you can replace it.

You can get a longer life by not looking at your pictures so often. If you do not need the flash, you can turn off the flash and this should also extend your battery life.

if depends if you turn it off after you are done with it will last longer

The iPhone 3GS can have around 5-6 hours of constant use (screen lit up). There is an app i recommend which tell you an approximation on your battery life, how long you can do certain tasks and such. Its called "Battery LED."

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I think they will last a little longer if you expose them to mild heat after they are dead. Keeping them in a dry environment will probably help also.

The battery lifespan of an iPhone is about 400 full charges.

A battery life is the amount of time a battery will last.

Sony has the battery extending CD players that last much longer than competitors.

The biggest difference in laptop battery life comes from the size of the battery and with it the size of the laptop. The bigger the battery, the longer it will last. Manufacturers of laptops will always have to struggle with either a smaller laptop and smaller hardware (for example the battery) or a bigger laptop with better hardware.

The new iPod touch can play music up to 36 hours, or video up to 5 hours. The Manufacturer estimated battery life is 10 hours on a charge and takes 3 hours to recharge. The watch battery should last a couple of years.

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Yes, you can charge your iPhone when it has a good amount of battery. However, you should avoid charging the phone until it is low in battery, to prolong the battery life.

No. Actually by having batteries in a cool environment it actually makes the battery life less than what it should be, therefore shortening the battery life.

That depends on what you are doing.

Batteries have a life span. Depending on many factors they can last up to 7 -8 years. Normally they will not last much longer than 4-5 years. Discharging the battery will shorten it's life, and the more times it is discharged to shorter it's life. Keeping the battery clean, will help. Heat and vibration is the enemy of your battery. No battery will last forever.

The battery life of iPhone 3G is very short. That is, only around 5 hours if you are using voice (talking) or data (web browsing). The battery life extends to 24 hours if you are just using it to listen to music.

In general the 6600mAh battery should last 50 percent longer than a 4400mAh battery used for the same purpose. If the 4400mAh battery lasts 2 hours, the 6600mAh battery should last 3 hours.

The main difference is the size. Because it is slightly larger, the iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5 inch screen, compared to the iPhone 6's 4.7 inch screen. It also has longer battery life, and better screen and camera resolution than the iPhone 6.

An expandable battery is if you would like to switch out the existing battery with a longer-lasting one. It will extend battery life.

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