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what is a hospital chart??? what is a hospital chart???

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Q: How to measure respiration in hospital chart?
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Who is the owner of the chart client or hospital?

The hospital is the owner of a chart.

What is the difference between medical records and a hospital chart?

A hospital chart is based on a day to day basis,as to what medical records are is an accumulation of a hospital stay it is kept and stored.

What chart is used to measure visual activity?

Alphabetical chart.

How is correct sizing determined for men's hats?

This requires a tape measure and a chart. First you measure your head at the appropriate height and then you use a chart to determine your size. You can find a chart here

Is it illegal to deny a patient a copy of his chart if he is unable to pay the fee to obtain it?

A patient with a chart is usually in the hospital. With that said, most hospital stays including the tests done for a patient are paid for by an insurance company. Since the hospital is already paid, it seems logical that a copy of the patient's chart should be given freely. It would seem to be a patient "right".

Is used to measure distance vision?

Snellen chart

What is a measure of anaerobic respiration rate?

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What is the clipboard at the end of a hospital bed called?

It's called a chart and it's where all the medical info for a hospital visit is kept.

How do you measure data in a pie chart?

To measure data in a pie chart first you need to work out how big the whole thing is. Then when you get a amount of votes subtract it and you will find you answer quite easily

Organizational chart of banquet and catering service?

organization structure of catering inside a hospital

What molecures are used during cellular respiration?

molecule's are awesome and can also take you to the hospital if you eat it.

What is a graph chart for?

well.. many different things. for example; [in the hospital they use graph charts to measure a baby's growth]i hope you're getting the idea of what I'm trying to say. if not, I'm going to explain this one last time. An increasing amount that is kept track of on a chart.- hope I'm right , if soo. you're welcomeee!