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You can perform a basic car tune up for your car by firstly, going to your local mechanical works store or hardware store and purchasing a car tune up kit and following the instructions.

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Q: How to perform a basic car tune up for your car?
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What would it cost to perform a tune-up on a Ford Taurus 2004?

The rate of a tune-up varies depending on where you live and where you take your car. You should pay more than $100 for a tune-up by a professional.

How perform diesel engine tune up?

I perform diesil engine tune up to avoid engine trubol

How do you perform a tune-up on a 2003 Honda Civic EX?

Tune ups tend to vary according to the person preforming it and generally relate to replacing common parts of the car. To perform a tune up on a 2003 Honda Civic replace the fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs, and perform an oil change.

What different of perform diesel engine tune up and gas tune up?

No spark plugs on a diesel.

How do I perform a complete tune-up on my own car?

If it's a late model car that has several computers, you will need diagnostic system software which costs about $40,000.00, plus the diagnostic machine to run it on. Tune-ups on late model cars is lots more than just changing the spark plugs. Used to be all one needed was a screwdriver and a plug feeler gauge to perform a tune-up.

Will a warranty for a car cover a tune up?

No, a car warranty will not cover a tune up. A tune up is considered a minor fixing of a normally occuring problem with the car. A warranty is used to cover major problems with the car, problems that were caused by the manufacturer.

A driver must have a car tune up every six months.?

A driver must have a car tune up every six months.

What should a tune up cost and what does tune up include?

You need to tell us what sort of tune up you are talking about ... HOME , CAR .... etc.

When do you tune up a 2001 Lincoln Navigator?

If you have the automobile manual (usually located in the glove box of the vehicle) it will usually have s suggested time period and/or when you reach a certain mileage when you should bring your car in for a tune-up. IMHO, don't wait till your car breaks down on the side of the road to tune up your car! If need-be ask around, or use your instincts when you feel your car isn't performing as well as it normally does and bring it in to have it looked at by a trained professional. A general web search shows that its generally a good idea to perform a tune up every 25k miles!

Nissa maxiam 99' when you drive it or stop the car it shakes sometimes. why could it be a motor mound or knock sensor?

Could be in need of a basic tune up.

When you are driving your car hesitates what can this be?

Time for a tune-up.

Why does your car hessitate when you drive it?

Time for a tune-up.