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Sexy Monopoly for Loving Couples: A sensual game of Sex & Money.

An erotic Monopoly version for loving couples that allows you and your partner to buy happiness in the form of foreplay activities.

Instead of renting houses, the naughty couple build pleasure parlors and sell "special' services. Instead of playing to become wealthy land barons, the hot couple play to become ultimate pleasure brokers.

The competitive nature of the game combined with strategy and random sexual tasks and rewards will create exciting sexual tension and lead to an amazing evening of wonderful sexual escapades.


The objective of the game is to build as many pleasure parlors as possible while providing top notch "service" for your special customer. Once you've obtained a sex monopoly in the business of pleasure, you'll be able to buy ultimate happiness in the form of a special fantasy with your lover. In this erotic version of the game, you perform foreplay activities when your partner arrives at your sex business on your property and pays the fee.

The types of sensual pleasuring you perform are based on the price paid and the quality of the establishment. The higher the value, the better the service. As the monetary stakes increase, more explicit or intense foreplay services can be purchased and rendered. You win when your partner has no money to pay for sex and must sell themselves to you.

Sexual acts do not come with an orgasm. An orgasm is earned separately towards the end of the game.

Setup & Preparation

You'll need:

  • 30 minutes to set up
  • A timer to set timing for tasks according to districts
  • Sensual background music (the length of songs can be used as a timer)
  • Blank cardboard business cards to write pleasures on
  • Scotch tape (to help re-label the board)
  • An old Monopoly board
  • A Pair of Dice
  • Monopoly money (modify the $ values and use real money for a more competitive game)
  • Two game pieces
  • Colored Pens
  • Pad of colored sticky notes (pink for her, blue for him) to re-name the board
  • Set aside as many sex toys or sensual items for the sex shop (vibes, condoms, lube, candles, feathers, cuffs etc.)
  • Sensual creativity and a sexy, naughty sense of humor
  • 2 or 3 hours of uninterrupted couple time

Use blank cards to create your own Sexy Chance and Pleasure Chest cards which will replace Chance and Community Chest Cards. Combine the new game elements and foreplay activities to add erotic interest to the game. Add your own foreplay and reward ideas or include some from other foreplay games you own. Download ideas from the web if you're not sure where to start.

Each side of the board is considered to be a pleasure district of increasing quality/price. Note that in this game, one player receives money while the other receives sensual pleasure.

In Sex Monopoly there are 8 Districts with various "Properties" (street names that vary from country to country each with a specific value). Couples must re-name the streets and change their value. The streets should be given naughty sex trade names.

District 1: $50

District 2: $100

District 3: $200

District 4: $300

District 5: $400

District 6: $500

District 7: $600

District 8: $800

Business 1: Sex Shop $500

Business 2: Strip Club $1000

Business 3: Massage Parlors $2000

Business 4: Pleasure Parlors $3000

Create other business types if you wish but start off with these 4.

In total, there should be 22 properties in 8 value districts. As the game progresses, the 'streets' will be renamed and replaced with one of 4 different types of businesses.

During the initial set-up stage where players establish businesses, each player may own a maximum of 3 of any one type of business and 1 business per property. Once the game begins, there's no limit to the number of businesses a player may own.

Re-name all the other places on the board. Here are some examples.

Jail = S&M Dungeon (Peep show - just visiting)

Beginning = Sexy flash: receive $1000 every time you pass.

Value Added Service = Offer your next customer value added service and receive $1000 from the bank

Taxes = Sex Tax (pay the bank $1000)

Railroad 1 = Chance Tax (return 1 Sexy Chance card)

Railroad 2 = Pleasure Tax (forfeit your next pleasure)

Railroad 3 = Sex Toll (pay $1000 to the next business you land on)

Electrical Company = Booking Cancellation (Your next customer cancels his/her visit but still liable for cost of service)

Water Company = Sex Trade (swap any Sexy Chance card you have for a new one - no peeking)

Add some extra spice to the game and include an Escort Service. Land on your partner's escort agency and you may book him or her for special services in the near future (dinner and a movie or just a dinner date followed by sex of course). Assign one of the Railroad blocks as an Escort Service. Whoever buys it first gets to earn a lot of extra cash but must succumb to the desires of their client. Remember, an escort will do almost anything that his or her client will pay for. Escort services are $1500 per hour and services can be rendered within 30 days. Keep a stack of blank cards to write down services that have been purchased which the Escort must perform.

Each lover should list mild pleasure, massage and teasing tasks as well as more risque tasks that they would like to perform or would like their partner to perform on them.

Bear in mind you don't know who is going to draw the card, so make sure tasks can be performed or received by him or her.

In order to build up a stock-pile of at least 30 pleasure chest cards, each partner should list at least:

8-10 massage areas for the Pleasure Chest cards. Keep body part descriptions unisex and mild. Example: Sensual foot massage.

8-10 pleasure tasks for the Pleasure Chest (Example: Nuzzle your client's ear and neck and run your fingers through his/her hair - no kissing allowed). Pleasures can include toys/vibes/lube which can be bought along the way. Example: Blindfold your customer and touch him/her with a feather in various places)

8-10 tease tasks for the Pleasure Chest that can be used in a Strip Club when your partner has removed most or all of their clothing. Example: Lightly stroke your customer's inner thighs and hips.

Pleasure Chest Cards should not be gender specific so keep the tasks suitable for both him and her.

Include a generous amount of sly erotic humor to stimulate your minds.

Arrange Pleasure Chest Cards from mild to steamy to build up towards steamier rewards as the game progresses.

Add special instructions or easy to use props to the tasks. Example: "Feed your customer chocolate bon-bons without using your hands."

Label the top of the card with it's relevant sex trade. Example: Pleasure Chest - Strip Club; Pleasure Chest - Massage Parlor; Pleasure Chest - Pleasure Parlor.

The bottom of the card should have a corresponding task for the club or parlor owner to perform.

Once each couple has filled out the cards, set them out on the board in 3 piles. Each pile should have at least 20 tasks. There may be some repeated tasks (both partners may have written "foot massage" so try to add some variety or a personal touch to each task so that even if you've both written "foot massage" that they're slightly different. Example: "foot massage with sensual oil" or "foot massage with special attention to heel and ankle" Being more specific will ensure that you both receive very special treatment at the places you visit.

Sexy Chance Cards are gender specific and are placed on separate piles - Lady and Gentleman. She chooses 10-12 risque rewards that she would like to receive and he chooses 10-12 rewards that he would like to receive.

Each partner should list 10-12 risque tasks for Sexy Chance cards. Example for Gentleman's Card: Lick your customer's penis from the base to the tip.

Lovers must create a final or ultimate reward card for the 'winner' of the game. The ultimate reward card should be stuck face down under the the Lady and Gentleman stack of the Sexy Chance Cards. She writes down her ultimate reward wish and puts it under the Gentleman's stack of Sexy Chance cards and and he sticks his wish face down under the Lady stack of Sexy Chance Cards. These cards can only be removed and turned over by the person who ends up in debt to their lover and has to give him or her their ultimate reward. Lovers should keep their reward wish a secret from one another.

The ultimate reward doesn't need to involve sex but it should be realistic and easy to achieve on the night or at least within a week.

Couples can choose to keep tasks, pleasures & massages mild, romantic or naughty. Add variety to keep the game exciting. Use naughty words, keep it clean or talk dirty but most importantly, keep it fun and within you and your partner's sexual limits unless of course you both agree to explore new frontiers...

Couples should also set limits on the Sexy Chance cards that relate to level of nudity.

Nudity Level 3: Task may be completed with clothes on

Nudity Level 2: Task may be completed if the receiving partner is in their underwear

Nudity Level 1: Task may be completed if the receiving partner is not wearing underwear

Nudity Level 0: Task may be completed only if both partners are no longer wearing underwear (hence the number Zero).

Each task could be given a Limit value - 1, 2, 3 and/or 0.

Example: "Kinky Sex Session: Do it doggy style" with nudity level 0 can only be performed when both players are naked - values can be specified to keep the game interesting and to ensure that risque tasks can only be performed once many foreplay tasks have been completed. A player who picks this card up can keep it until both lovers are naked.

"Loving Vagina Massage" with Limit 1 can only be used if she's not wearing underwear. That way, she's tempted to keep the card until she's been paid to be naked. Remember that orgasms are not allowed. This rule keeps the game going for longer. It may be broken or bent by mutual consent or if you both get carried away in wild throws of passion. If you have music playing in the back-ground, you could limit tasks to the length of a song. Example: Sex with her on top for the length of 1 song (nudity level 0).

This will ensure that some Sexy Chance cards can only be played if or when both players are naked thereby encouraging partners to visit strip clubs more often to get their partner naked.

Nudity levels can also be used on Pleasure Chest Cards but don't put too many limits on Pleasure Chest Cards and put those Pleasure Chest Cards that do require nudity at the bottom of the pile.

The nudity level can also set a limit on tasks that cannot be done if both or either partner is naked or certain parts of the body are still clothed. Example: He can't use a Sexy Chance card that reads: "Lick and caress her breasts for the length of 1 song" if she's still wearing a bra. He needs to keep that card until she strips it off for him when he visits her strip club.

A typical Sexy Chance Card that he should create could read: "Fondle your Customer's testicles" (Nudity Level 3).

A typical Sexy Chance Card that she should create could read: "Blind fold your customer and gently caress every part of her body" (Nudity Level 2).

The cost of using a Sexy Chance Card is always roll of 2 dice x $200 plus the value of the district. If a player rolls 2 dice and gets 7, that's $1400 plus the value of the district, say district 7 ($600). So the total amount would be $2000 that must be paid to the owner of the Pleasure Parlor to receive his or her Sexy Chance Reward.

Players should not show their Pleasure Chest or Sexy Chance cards to each other.

How to Play

The object is to build sexual anticipation and surprises while pampering and pleasuring your partner (customer). Remember to always service your 'client' with a smile.

Start the game fully clothed in the lounge, kitchen or at the dinner table. Players may dress up (sexy clothing and lingerie etc.) or just wear whatever is most comfortable but start with a few layers of clothing. As the game progresses and clothing is removed and the game becomes steamier, move to somewhere more comfortable (like the couch) and then to the bedroom.

Consider each side of the board to be a pleasure district of increasing quality - cheap sex right up to high society pleasure. For each district, the greater the value, the more explicit the level of foreplay performed when your partner comes to visit. Keep your exciting Pleasure Chest rewards for more expensive districts. Use up your less favorite rewards in the cheaper districts. Spend less time pleasuring your partner in the cheaper districts and more time on your 'customer' in the more expensive districts.

When you own a property with a sex business, you receive a fee in exchange for performing a sexual service for your partner. The activity performed corresponds to the district and the type of business on the property. Services are performed immediately after payment.

Each player gets $10,000 to start.

Each player takes turns going around the board 3 times to purchase properties and building sex trades - strip clubs, pleasure parlors, massage parlors and sex shops. During this stage, players may only purchase properties and establish trades. Taxes or other rewards. are not valid until players have begun trading after 3 rounds. Players must purchase each property they land on during the set-up rounds and choose 1 of 4 types of businesses to establish on each property they land on.

Properties should be color coded (example - blue sticky note for his properties, pink for hers). Players should write down the type of business they've established on the note. (example: Penelope's Pleasure Parlor; Ladies First House of Pleasure; Sandy's House of Strip and Tease; Lovers Paradise Sex Shop; Happy Ending Massage Parlor, Sensual Hands Massage Parlor) Players can establish 'franchises' if they can't think of sexy new names for every new business. Business names may be changed during the game.

Cost of property and business:

If you land on a property you may decide to purchase it. The set-up cost of a property is: cost of property as indicated on the board or district valuation + cost of sex trade business.

Properties are bought and sex trades established until cash runs out or a player has passed beginning 3 times.

Once both players have either run out of money or passed beginning 3 times, they're allowed to pay for sexy treats and earn money from one another. Players may also begin collecting Sexy Chance and Pleasure Chest Cards

Players may then purchase remaining vacant properties if they land on a vacant property and establish sex businesses on them.

Players do not receive rewards for landing on their own properties. The object of the game is to try to land on your partner's properties in order to pay him/her for sexual favors.

Game Samples

Example 1:

He lands on her Property in District 6 with a Strip Club - he pays her $500 to remove an item of clothing. She receives money and removes an item of clothing then rolls the dice for her turn. Players may only remove an item of clothing when their partner arrives at a "Strip Club" and pays for a strip.

Example 2:

She lands on his Property in District 3 with a Massage Parlor - she pays him $200, picks up a Pleasure Chest Card that reads "Foot Massage". She does not have to speak (helps if either of you are shy) and he gives her a foot massage.

Pleasure Chest cards are collected and used at to receive various tasks/pleasures from various properties. i.e. Massage Parlour - various body parts (head, feet, leg, thigh, hand etc.) and Pleasure Parlor - various foreplay tasks (kisses, hugs, strokes etc.).

Each time a player lands on a Parlor (pleasure or massage) he/she picks up a Pleasure Chest Card and hands it to the business owner. Pleasure Chest Cards may also be collected along the way. Pleasure Chest cards must be discarded to a separate pile when used. Once all the cards have been used, the stack should be returned to the board to be re-played.

Sex shop = place where sex toys (feathers, cuffs, blind-folds, vibes, lube) can be purchased for use in pleasure parlors. All items are purchased from the Bank with money going to property owner of the sex shop until all items have been sold. Once all toys have been purchased, players must trade the items between each other.

Example: he lands on property 1 with her sex shop. He must purchase from her a toy of his choice. The money goes to her (the owner). The owner of a sex toy can use it in any pleasure parlor. Sex toys may not be used in strip clubs or massage parlors.

Strip club: - once all clothes removed, move on to teasing actions (simulated orgasm sounds, sensual touch, whisper naughty words in customer's ear) the receiving/paying customer may not touch the giving partner.

Sexy Chance cards are collected and used to receive more risque and expensive pleasures at any Parlor. The owner must perform the task if customer has the money. i.e. For use in Pleasure Parlor, hand-job with lube. Cost: 2 dice x $200 plus district value.

If the owner of a Parlor refuses to perform the Sexy Chance task, he or she must go to the Dungeon, receive a sensual spanking and pay the customer a fine of 2 dice x $200 plus district value.

If either player runs out of money, he/she must go to dungeon for punishment and sell any property to the opponent at half the cost of the property and business.

Punishment in the dungeon is in the form a sensual spanking or any other sensual 'punishment' both lovers agree to. A player in the dungeon should be hand-cuffed with a pair of sexy cuffs if available.

Players may choose to refrain from sexual activity at a particular business but they must pay the price for landing on that property. Partners may not pass on a sexual favor more than 2 times in a row.

Sexy Chance cards may not be shown to each other until they are used. Players must keep them secret. Once used, players must put them away in a separate pile.

A player may not hold more than 3 Sexy Chance cards at any given time. Cards that are returned must be placed at the bottom of the unused pile.

Remember, the cost of using a Sexy Chance Card is always roll of 2 dice x $200 plus the value of the district paid to the owner of the Pleasure Parlor to receive his or her Sexy Chance Reward. Players can earn more money from customers who land in expensive districts that they own.


One player receives money while the other receives sensual pleasure. Money and Sex are the only means to score in this game. As each property is improved with pleasure parlors, strip clubs and sex shops, the service fee and corresponding sex activity increases in value. Each side of the board is considered to be a pleasure district of increasing quality/price.

The quality of service is related to time performing the service. So, district 1 and 2 tasks are approximately 1 minute long and district 7-8 tasks approximately 3-4 minutes per task. The quality of strip clubs means the partner who removes an item of clothing must do so slowly and with some teasing in expensive districts and quicker with no teasing in cheap street districts.

In this game of Monopoly, there are no losers. The lover with the least amount of money and property or the lover that has paid out all of his or her money in exchange for sexy rewards is then in debt to the wealthier lover and must pay him or her in the form of an ultimate reward with a guaranteed orgasm for the player that's earned the most money and owns the most property and businesses. Usually, the person who 'loses' has received lots of pleasure during the game. The incentive to win or to accumulate cash is to be able to afford better sexual services in high society districts.

The game ends either because things get so steamy that lovers get carried away in throws of wild passion or when either partner run out of cash or has sold all properties etc.

The player with the most money combined with the largest value of properties receives their personal ultimate reward. Remember, there are no losers in this version of Monopoly.

Sexy Foreplay Reward Ideas

The following foreplay ideas are gender neutral. Modify or just add them to your Pleasure Parlor, Massage Parlor and Strip Club card stacks.

Remember, sexual acts listed do not come with an orgasm... An orgasm is earned separately.

Gender Neutral ideas

To be used at a Strip Club

Rub an ice cube on your nipples

Standing, snuggle up behind your partner - caress and fondle them

Softly whisper how hot and excited you are into your lover's ear

Tenderly stroke, caress and kiss an exposed part of your lover's body

Whisper a simulated sound of an orgasm in your client's ear

Lick your lover's lips but don't kiss

Grind yourself up against your customer

Play with your customer under their clothes but don't take them off - your customer is not allowed to touch you

Rub any part of your naked body (excluding your breasts/penis) against your customer

To be used at a Massage Parlor. Modify these suggestions and add erogenous zones and sensual oils or lubes.

Massage and stroke your lover's face

Give your lover a back massage

Give your lover a head massage

Give your lover a foot massage

Massage your lover's neck and shoulders

Lightly stroke your lover's face, lips, neck and ears with your finger tips

Use your finger tips to massage your lover's head and neck

Massage each of your lover's toes using oil, cream or lube

Lightly drag your nails down your lover's back in different patterns

Use a feather to tickle your lover's face, neck and ears

Massage and nibble on your lover's butt cheeks

Lightly stroke your lover's inner thighs, along the crease and over their hips

Lightly tickle your lover's tailbone and between their butt cheeks

Blind-fold your lover for a foot, leg and thigh massage

Blind-fold your lover for an upper body massage

To be used at a Pleasure Parlor

Caress, kiss and lick up and back down your lover's legs

Tickle the back of your partner's knee with the tip of your tongue

Trace the major lines on your lover's palm with the tip of your tongue

Take your lover's thumb in your mouth and caress it with your tongue

Lick and suck each finger on one of your lover's hand

Lick your partner's wrist at the pulse point - exhale hot breaths on it

Use your tongue to stroke out loving or sexy words on your lover's back

Lick your lover's nipple then blow cool air on it - repeat

Warm your lover's nipple in your mouth then suck in cool air around it

Tickle the back of your lover's neck with the tip of your tongue

Use an artist brush to swirl flavored lube on your lover's nipples

Place tender kisses all over your lover's face

Nibble your lover's ears

Choose something from the refrigerator to smear on and lick off your lover

Take your lover's nipple in your mouth and hum as you lick

Lightly bite and nibble your lover's buttocks

Sensually lick flavored lube or liquor from your lover's navel

Kiss and nibble along your lover's neck and shoulder from the back

Kiss and lick your lover's throat and under their chin

With the tip of your tongue, lick along your lover's collar bone

Use an ice cube & your tongue to cool then heat an exposed erogenous zone

Use a vibrator to stimulate your partner's neck, chest and nipples

Kiss your lover 25 times on the face

Kneeling, kiss and lick your lover's belly, hips and thighs.

Feed your lover strawberries or chocolates

Blind-fold your lover and feed him/her sensual fruity or chocolate treats

Nuzzle and kiss your partner's neck, nibble their ear lobes and whisper "I Love You".

Using a flavored lube, honey or chocolate sauce lick and suck your lover's nipples

Expose your bum and allow your lover to give you a sensual spanking

Serious making out session complete with butt grabbing

Gender Specific

The following foreplay ideas are gender specific that could be added to Sexy Chance Cards. Modify and add them to your Strip Club and Sexy Chance card stacks and remember to add nudity level restrictions and get specific about where the cards can be used.

Ideas for him to choose for Her to pleasure Him.

Sexy Chance

Use a sex toy on any part of your body while he watches (to be used at any Strip Club only).

Use your breasts to caress any exposed region of your lover's body at any strip club.

Play with your nipples - to be used at any strip club.

Rub your labia, expose your clitoris and apply some lube to your vagina - he's not allowed to touch - to be used at any strip club.

Kiss him 25 times on the genitals

Kiss, lick and play with your lover's testicles

Put on your sexiest lipstick then give him head

Lick his penis but don't make him cum

Give him a lubricated boob job

Give him a hand job with/without lube at any Massage Parlor

Bring him to the brink of a happy ending (to be used at any Massage Parlor only)

Gently rub the tip of his penis with some lube

Use an artist brush to swirl flavored lube on your his penis then lick it off. To be used only at a Pleasure Parlor.

Ideas for her to choose for Him to pleasure Her.

Sexy Chance

Add some lube to the head of your penis and stroke the tip with your thumb - she's not allowed to touch (to be used at any Strip Club only).

Allow her to 'inspect' your penis and genitals at a Strip Club.

Allow her to spank you at a Pleasure Parlor.

Fondle and stimulate yourself for her at a Strip Club

Lick and suck her breasts and nipples at any Pleasure Parlor.

Caress & fondle her body at any Massage Parlor.

Play with her breasts (over the clothes if she's dressed still)

Lick all the way up the inside of her legs

Orally pleasure any exposed erogenous zone - kiss, lick, suck and nibble

Manually pleasure her clitoris with or without a toy.

Lick her clitoris.

Lick and suck her labia

Deep manual pleasuring - gently stroke her G-spot.

Stimulate your lover with a sex toy of her choice.

Pleasure her with a sex toy of your choice.

Tenderly stroke and massage her genitals using lube at any Massage Parlor.

Blow warm air on her nipples at any Pleasure Parlor.

Use an artist brush to swirl flavored lube on her clitoris then lick it off.

Winner's Ultimate Orgasmic Reward Ideas. The winner must come first.

Sex - Missionary

Sex - Spooning

Sex - Woman on Top

Sex - Doggy Style

Sex - Standing Up

Happy Ending Hand Job

Happy Ending Oral

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