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1988PS-hi-PressureHosesHi pressure PS hoses removal: there are 2 hoses.

The top: from PS pump about 1 1/2 yard consists of Banjo bolt, 2 ft of rubber hose a long metal pipe bolted to the frame. It runs from the engine to the front of the car and hooks back then connect to bottom hose via a male pipe nut. There are 3 bolts along the left chasis frame hoding this long metal pipe along.

The bottom: to gear about 3 ft long, consists of to-gear male pipe nut on one end, rubber hose in the midde and a female coupling to connect to the top hose.There is nothing to hold the lower hose but the 2 ends.

Run the van on the ramp & secure it in place. Disconnect the lower hose & uppper hose using a flare 17mm and small vise grip (very tight place near the front of the van) and drain PS fluid. Lift up the captain chair to expose the engine, remove the banjo bolt and free the hose from the PS. Follow the hose down to the frame and remove the 1st bolt right at the radiator hose. The others 2 are located in front of the engine.

Since there will not be enough room to pull the hose back or forth out because the clearance between the frame and the radiator is very small. I have to cut the rubber hose and pull it forward.

I guess that when I put the new hose back, I will have to loosen the radiator retaining screws so that hose can be pulled thru. This will require the rear wheels be raised about the same height as the fronts


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Q: How to remove power steering hi pressure hose for 1988 Toyota Van two wheel drive?
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1. Remove alternator drive belt. 2. Place alternator in upper most position. 3. Remove radiator overflow bottle. 4. Remove power steering pump drive belt. 5. Disconnect return line from pump. 6. Completely back off power steering pump pressure line nut. The pressure line will separate when the pump bracket is removed. 7. Remove power steering pump mounting bolts and pump. 8. Reverse procedure to install.

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it is on the pressure line off the power steering pump itself on the right side of the pump (if looking at the motor)

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1. Remove the fuel injector sight shield. Refer to Fuel Injector Sight Shield Replacement . 2. Remove as much power steering fluid from the remote power steering fluid reservoir as possible. 3. Place drain pans under the vehicle as needed. 4. Remove the drive belt. Refer to Drive Belt Replacement . 5. Remove the steering gear heat shield. Refer to Steering Gear Heat Shield Replacement ( See: Steering Gear > Removal and Replacement) . 6. Remove the right side catalytic convertor. Refer to Catalytic Converter Replacement - Right Side . 7. Disconnect the power steering fluid reservoir outlet hose (1) from the power steering pump. 8. Disconnect the power steering gear inlet hose (1) from the power steering pump. 9. Remove the power steering pump bolts (2). 10. Remove the power steering pump (1) from the vehicle. 11. Transfer any parts as needed.

Can you add a four wheel drive option to a two wheel drive car such as a Toyota 4Runner for instance?

Yes, But it is very expensive and you must have a vast knowledge on suspensions, transmission and steering.

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It is not illegal to drive without power steering. Many people who drive very old cars do not have power steering.

Where is the Diagram for 2002 Toyota solara serpentine belt?

The 2002 Toyota Solara does not have a "serpentine" belt that turns all of the pulleys. It has one belt that runs the power steering and a second "generator drive" belt.

How do you check Toyota drive by wire?

what is the name for drive by wire in toyota

How to replace a power steering pump in a 2001 ford focus?

If you have a 2.0L Zetec-E (Zetec): Removal Remove the accessory drive belt. Disconnect the power steering line from the power steering pump. Allow the fluid to drain into a suitable container. Remove the power steering pump lower retaining bolts. Disconnect the power steering pressure (PSP) switch electrical connector. Depress the locking tang. Disconnect the power steering hose from the power steering pump. Allow the fluid to drain into a suitable container. Remove the power steering pump upper retaining bolts. Raise and support the vehicle. Remove the power steering pump. Remove the PSP switch. CAUTION: Make sure vice jaw protectors are used. Secure the power steering pump in a vice. Using the special tool, remove the power steering pump pulley. Installation Using the special tool, install the power steering pump pulley. NOTE: If installing a new power steering pump, the unions that are supplied fitted to the pump should be removed and retained for future use. Using the special tool, install a new O-ring seal onto the steering gear to power steering pump union. Push the new O-ring seal onto the special tool. Locate the special tool onto the union and install the O-ring seal. Install the PSP switch. Remove the power steering pump from the vice. Install the power steering pump. Install the lower retaining bolts. Connect the power steering line. Lower the vehicle. Install the power steering pump upper retaining bolts. Connect the power steering hose to the power steering pump. Connect the PSP switch electrical connector. Install the accessory drive belt. Fill the power steering system. If you have a 2.0 SPI engine: Removal Detach the accessory drive belt from the power steering pump pulley. Using a

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very carefully

Why does your Toyota 4 runner makes a click noise when turning the steering wheel all the way to the left?

Front drive axle joints bad

How do you remove and replace the front drive axle on a 1995 Toyota Avalon?

Get a manual from a parts store and it has pictures and all.

How to replace power steering pump on 1992 Lexus Es-300?

From under vehicle disconnect tie rod end on passenger side, disconnect 2 return hoses. Then disconnect 2 pressure feed tubes. Then disconnect hydraulic motor control valve connector and remove drive belt. Finally, remove the power steering pump by loosening the two bolts.

Where is the power steering motor on a 2000 Toyota Echo?

Its hard to see and hard to get to, but when you open the hood, the top belt you see is the drive belt, below that and further back you should see another belt, that is the power steering belt, which is connected to the power steering pump (it isn't a "motor"). It is removed from below, you first need to remove the bottom engine under cover. See the factory service manual for details.

How do you remove the power steering pump on a 99 Malibu?

Loosen the 99 Malibu power steering hoses and allow the fluid to drain into a bucket. Remove the drive belt. Unbolt the pump and remove. The pump pulley needs a puller to be removed. Remove the pulley, and put it on the new ;ump. Reverse the procedure to finish the installation.

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yes you just wont have power stearing if you do

Can a 2000 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer steering wheel and airbag be replaced with an aftermarket steering wheel and no airbag?

No, it is illegal to remove the SRS from any vehicle you drive on public roads.

How do you remove a wrx power steering pump?

Undo the hoses remove drive belts from pulleys undo pulley bolt and remove pulley no special tool needed should slide off remove bolts at front of pump remove pump

If you drive with the power steering empty can it damage the belts?

Yes, if you drive with the power steering empty of fluid and the motor locks up, it can actually rip the belt from the motor. You can damage belts and the steering motor if you drive with the power steering empty.

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it is very dangerous to drive with a power steering leak. This is because steering can become almost impossible and you could have an accident.