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if you are referring to the stock radio... i think you have to take off the front part of the radio... if its possible at all to replace them ==Another answer== I just pulled the front off a spare stock Delco radio from my '96 (a few plastic clips around the perimeter let it come out) There is one obvious bulb behind what would be the station/time display. Getting to it is a mystery as it's behind a plastic shield that appears to be fastened to the PC board. The lights behind the pre-set buttons are not obvious because there is a PC board right behind the front panel of the radio. If I recall correctly, I replaced this radio because A. the station/clock display didn't work, and B. because either the pre-set buttons didn't light up, or maybe just because the plastic coating over them was damaged. I found a used perfectly working replacement on Ebay for about $30.

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Q: How to replace the light in the radio?
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How do you replace a Ford ranger radio display light?

Replace the radio.

Hyundai accent radio?

how do you replace the radio light bulb

How do you replace bulb light on radio 2005 pontaic bonnievillie gxp and clock?

how do you replace light out radio and clock on 2005 bonnievillie pontiac gxp

How do I Replace light in 2000 grand prix radio?

How do I Replace light in 2000 grand prix radio?" This space is for answering ""

How do you fix a burned out radio light on a 1999 olds intrigue?

Replace the radio.

How to replace bulb light on radio?

some buttons are out in the radio panel of my gmc Yukon 2003

How do you fix Radio light in 1999 ford expedition?

It would be cheaper and easier to replace the whole radio.

How to replace fusible link in Nissan Altima?

fog light not working and radio light went out

How do you change the light bulb in the buttons of a 97 Monte Carlo Z34 radio?

Cant Must replace entire radio

How do you replace the light in the radio CD player clock and radio of a1997 Bonneville SSE?

I had to replace the light on my 1998 gm does not have the bulb I found a company called specmo they have a web siteremove the radio remove the faceplate and put the new bulb in the socket I am doing my 1997 tomorrow if I have more info I will let you know

How do you repair or replace the clock display in a 1989 f-150 original equipt amfm radio that has gone dim?

It has a small light bulb in the radio you have to replace. Take the radio out and take it apart and you will see it in the front. You can get it from a Ford dealer or try - Enter year,model and make and go down to Electrical-Lamp & Socket/ Radio Dial Light Bulb

2005 Chevy Cobalt is staining?

i work fro a Chevy dealer and when your display goes bad it means radio replacement time. if your dash light work and not the radio you will need to replace the radio

1997 grand prix radio lights not working is this a bad fuse or do I have to replace radio?

if the clock is not displaying that is light bulb you can buy on eBay or at a gm dealer.

How do you replace radio lights on a 1998 Monte Carlo?

Cant you have to replace the entire radio

How do you replace a 2003 Ford Ranger radio?

How do you replace a 2003 Ford Ranger radio

Can you replace the radio display light in a 1999 Pontiac Bonneville and how?

Have a look on his site:

How do you fix the display radio light for a 2002 Nissan altima?

you dont. it is self contained within the radio there are no bulbs to replace. radio replacement with a aftermarket radio is a cheaper solution the rediculos cost of a new factory radio or to have a electronics repair place fix the display

What is the difference between a radio telescope and a light telescope?

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How do you replace radio on a villager?

To replace the radio on the Villager, first remove the bezel from around the radio by prying it from the dashboard. Then, squeeze the clips on either side of the radio to remove it from the dash. Disconnect the wires and attach them to your new stereo. Then, replace the clips and the bezel.

How do you replace radio in 2003 Mitsubishi Outlander?

install a radio

Compare Light waves and radio waves?

Both, Light waves and Radio wave are electromagnetic waves. Light waves have a higher frequency than radio waves. Radio waves have longer wavelengths than Light waves.

How do you replace the clock radio light in a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix?

Here is where I found how to do it.

How do you replace the fuse that controls the radio and clock on a 1991 Toyota Tercel?

It is in the fuse box. Check all of the fuses with a test light.

Is there a way to replace the bulbs in the radio of a 98 silverado?

I just took my 2004 silverado to the dealership before my warranty runs out. The radio had a light out on the tuner knob and I had a light out in the dash behind the oil pressure. The dealership told me that the radio would have to be replaced and the dash membrane would have to be replaced. I asked them point blank about the radio light. They said "No way to replace the bulbs." I don't get it, but they replaced the radio under warranty. Yes bulbs are replaceable. You need to track down the replacement chevrolet/delco bulbs remove the burnt out bulbs using solder and then reheat the solder and install the new replacement.

What did the radio replace?


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