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Tu as les cheveux courts, bruns et roux.

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Q: How to say you have short brown red hair in french?
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Will your children have red hair if you have brown hair and brown eyes your husband has brown hair and blue eyes but red hair runs in his family?

It is possible

Suppose that brown hair color is dominant over red hair color in humans Which of the statements is true?

If brown hair is dominant over red hair, then a person who is heterozygous for brown hair will have a brown hair phenotype. Red-haired offspring with two brown-haired parents are fairly common.

Is Mackenzie Foy's hair red or brown?

Her hair is brown.

Father has red hair blue eyes mother has brown hair brown eyes what will second child look like?

likely brown hair - in order for a red haired child both parents have to have the red hair gene & of course red hair.

Your husband has brown hair and hazel eyes you have brown hair and brown eyes your father in law has red hair and brown eyes Will your child have red hair?

It's possible (about a 1 in 4 chance).

If red is the dominant hair color but the father has brown hair and the mother has red hair and the hair color of the father is dominant then what color will the hair of their child be?

It's very hard to answer this question as there are no details on what alleles the fathers or mothers DNA contains. The father has to have an allele for red hair for the child to have a chance of having it. Presuming that the father has a brown and red hair allele and the mother has the same it works out like this. Brown + Brown = Brown Brown + Red = Brown (Because it's dominant) Brown + Red (from other parents) = Brown (Because brown is dominant) Red + Red = Red The chances of brown therefore is 3:1 as you cannot be sure on what the child will receive. MORE like 5-1 his here will be blond

What does the French word chatains mean?

The French word "châtains" refers to a hair color that is a light to medium shade of brown, typically with hints of red or chestnut tones. It is commonly used to describe a specific shade of brown hair.

If you have black hair and brown eyes and you carry a red and black hair gene and your partner has blue eyes and brown hair and carries the red and brown trait with them what will the child look like?

It's possible that the child will have black, brown or red hair.

Did John F. Kennedy have red hair?

His hair color was reddish brown.

Is there something wrong with dark brown hair turning red?

There is nothing wrong with dark brown hair turning red. Lots of peoples hair change color. Some peoples hair change from Blonde to Brown. Theres no difference with Brown to Red.

Dose alex wolf love brown hair or red hair?

He loves my brown hair

What was the color of Ned Kellys hair?

It was red.