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How do you spell shwag?

The spellings shwag or schwag are variants of the slang term swag (promotional items, anything glitzy or ostentatious).

What is shwag?

Hey umm yea shwag is weed but its the cheep stuff but dank is weed too but its the good stuff

How do you spell gifts in spanish?


Imvudotcom What is the difference between credits and promo credits Can you buy things from the catalog with credits instead of promo credits?

Yes, you can buy things with promo credits you just can't give them as gifts. There is a way to get free credits every day go to the garage and click on spin free it gives you promo creds

What is 2000 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?

1093.3 C ball shwag

How do you spell New Year's gifts in French?

« Cadeaux du Nouvel An ».

How do you spell francances?

Perhaps you mean frankincense? One of the gifts of the wisemen?

What where the gifts that the wise men gave baby Jesus?

Gold, Frankincense and myrrh i think is how you spell it :)

Howrse promo passes?

There is no promo for passes.

Is there anyone that legit promos on Tumblr?

A lot of people promote on Tumblr. I assume that some one will only promo you if you promo them which is called a promo 4 promo.

What is promo code in my mastercard?

what and were is the promo code on my mastercard

What are poptropica's promo codes?

wimpy2012 is a promo code

What does promo for promo mean on Tumblr?

"Promo for promo" is when each person agrees to promote attention for the other person's page in exchange for their page being promoted in return.

What is shwag marijuana?

AnswerIt's no good stuff. The THC potency is very low and the taste is not that great.AnswerShwag marijuana usually has lots of seeds and stems in it, and it is usually darker green or brownish-looking. High-grade marijuana, on the other hand, usually has little or no seeds. High-grade weed is typically bright green, with lots of little red "hairs," and it is covered with THC "crystals" that make it sparkle. Unlike shwag, high-grade weed also has a very, very strong smell.

How do you spell prezzies?

The slang term prezzies is used to mean gifts or "presents" and is used in the names of some retailers.

How do you spell the word rib on?

The correct spelling is ribbon.A ribbon is used to tie something. Commonly gifts or hair.

What is the promo code for

waht is a promo code for

What is the definition of 'Film promo'?

It means that they are promoting the film (eg. Free gifts in a Mc Donald's happy meal, TV shows giving away prizes based on the movie, Etc.)

Does black mamba spice smell like marijuana?

No its smell is closer to oregano How ever the Taste of it is closer to cheep Mexican Shwag.

What is the babydow promo code?

there isnt any babydow promo codes

Can you get Free Units for your tracfone without promo codes?

no i do not get promo codes.

How much is a promo Reshiram Pokemon card worth?

nothing. its a promo!

Promo codes for horseland?

pr267 3305396 is a promo code Where do I type it in?

What is the promo code on

the promo code for action allstars is starq5po

How do you find Copenhagen tobacco promo code?

Copenhagen promo codes