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How to stop a friend from self harming?


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Give them a stress ball or get them to puch a pillow make him/her pretend that its someone they really hate.

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You can place a rubber band on your wrist and when you get the urge to self harm pull it so it snaps against your skin.

Yes it is. Im not sure why but many people become addicted to self harm as if it were a drug or alchohal.

yes. drawing blood just means your harming to a higher extent

Why would you want to bully your self? If you are talking about self harming or inflicting pain on your self, then I'd advise you talk to a close friend or a trusted adult, or me, if you want. Self harming is a terrible thing to do, I know, I've been there. But if you stop, it can really make you feel so much better about your self. And if you are thinking of making it look like you've been bullied don't. And there is no good reason for people to bully you. I think you should talk to someone who can support and encourage you.

cyber bullying is wrong because its not right to make people feel bad for self amusement it makes people feel unwanted and the need to cause self harming things to there self's. people then tend to not want to be their friend and think they are very weak and can't look after themselves. It can also be self harming in side of people!

You don't. I have. You don't before any check ups or at all. Please. It just gets worse. Stop now. I can't but try please.

Just stop. Stop. That is all, stop. Stop. Stop now! Stop!!

if you have no fight in stopping to harm yourself then you should get help. tell your parents or friend who you know will help you get through it. eventually you should talk about the way you feel with a therapist or a counselor to see if they can help you get past it... Good Luck (:

Not being acceptedextreme grief

I think it would just depend on the person. When did a person start self-harming them-self

Yes. self harm is biting,hitting,scratching,cutting,burning can be absoutley anythinng. You are still harming yourself, drawing blood just means your doing it to a higher extent, but none the less still hurting yourself.

There is no one answer as this is a matter of overall protection concerns normally with preparation and dealing with structural failure of a building resulting in a collapse, crushing those within. You cannot stop and earthquake from harming, you can only attempt to prevent one from harming. You can't .

Pain is important to the body, because it tells our body that something is harming it. Then the body will respond by changing something to make whatever it is, stop harming the body. (to stop the pain)

dont let them though imigration

by stop harming the environment. planting more trees. stop cut trees and stop taking corals.

No, there are there for you to talk to, you do not have to tell them who you are or where you live for them to listen to you.

Yes. There are emos that self harm, however, not all self harmers are emo. Self harmers are not greatly prone to any specific appearance of person, however emos are given the strong stereotype that, if they are emo, they MUST be self harming. This is not true. The class smarty, the popular guy on the football team, the emo chick in the corner, the average in-style guy... They can all be self harmers.

how to basically stop it from harming you. KEEP AWAY FROM IT

Any form of self-destructing act is not only harmful to the inflicter but it effects anyone who may care about them. Therefore, your parents may feel as though this self harming may be resulting from bad parenting or that they are concerned simply for your well-being and therefore it upsets them when you are causing physical and even mental harm to yourself as it is difficult for a parent to see this destructive act and may just want it to stop as soon as possible.

stop looking on wikianswers and questions sites ya bum just ask a friend

Fatigue Crying Feeling worthless Thoughts of suicide and self harming

It releases endorphins or adrenaline which makes you feel good.

no. nothing can stop you from going to heaven if you have faith in Jesus. But it is still a sin harming your own body.

be your self be your self

Yes, a doctor can contact your parents if you are self harming yourself in Northern Ireland.

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