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I would recommend:

  • do it in person
  • tell him how you really feel
  • do it somewhere private
  • wait until you feel you are confident enough to do it

If you dont want to do it in person:

  • text
  • ask him who he likes first
  • if he says idk or noone tell him u like him
  • if he says another girl..know if not the time to tell him

You can also tell a friend of his:

  • tell a friend of his that you feel comfortable telling
  • ask the friend if he thinks the guy you like is interested in you
  • tell him to talk to him and then get back to you


  • be nervous
  • be scared
  • randomly change the subject because your scared or nervous
  • be upset if he doesnt like you


  • be confident
  • have faith in youyrself
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How do tell a guy that you like him?

Answer You can always tell the guy you like him, he will probably be amazed.

If you like a guy what do you do?

tell him

What is the best way you can tell a guy you like him?

tell him you like but when your alone

How do you get a guy to like you if your 10?

tell him you like him.

How can you tell if a gilr is going out with a guy to make you jealous?

you can tell if they seem to look like they dont really like the guy

What do you do if the guy you like likes you but doesn't want to tell you?

Tell him you like him first.

How do you get a guy to tell you who they like?

you either tell him who you like or give him some cash.

How do you tell your parents that you like a guy?

I tell her the guys name and I say I like him

I'm are in fourth grade but can I tell the guy I like I like him yet?

You can tell him

What to do if a guy likes you and your a guy?

I will tell him to stop,or i will like him back

Would a guy tell another guy to tell you that he likes you and then act like he didn't?


What do you tell your boyfriend when you are about to kiss him?

I tell him that the guy I'm about to kiss is the guy who behaves and looks like you.

How do you tell a guy you like him without anyone else knowing?

You can tell the guy you like him, but you can't tell anyone or nobody can't see a part of love

You like this guy a lot what do you do?

you tell him.

How do you tell a gay guy you like him?

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How do you tell if a guy like a you?

Ask him

How do you tell a guy you don't like them nicely without punching them up?

you tell them there a really nice guy but you dont really like them

When can you tell a guy you like him?

After you bond with the guy you like, once you have done that then make your move.

How can you tell a guy you like him but this guy does not even know you but you think he likes you?

I'd have one of my friends ask him. And if he said yeah and was serious about it then I'd have her or him tell the guy that I like him.

How does a guy asks a girl out?

sit down with her and just talk and get to a subject where you bring up what she like in a guy and you tell her what you like in a girl and when she finish tell her you are that guy and ask her.

Can you tell a guy that you like him through text?

"I like you".

How do you tell a guy that doesn't like you that you like him?


What is a great way to tell a guy you like him?

"I like you"

How do you a get a guy to like you?

You have to have the guts to tell the guy you like him,or try to look hot (ex.latest trend).If you like the guy ask him out on a date.

How do you tell your boyfriend you are talkin to another guy without it seaming like you like the other guy?

tell him u do NT like this guy like that. that u guys ar ejust friends and nothing else