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How to tell a guy you like him?

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July 29, 2012 3:59AM

I would recommend:

  • do it in person
  • tell him how you really feel
  • do it somewhere private
  • wait until you feel you are confident enough to do it

If you dont want to do it in person:

  • text
  • ask him who he likes first
  • if he says idk or noone tell him u like him
  • if he says another girl..know if not the time to tell him

You can also tell a friend of his:

  • tell a friend of his that you feel comfortable telling
  • ask the friend if he thinks the guy you like is interested in you
  • tell him to talk to him and then get back to you


  • be nervous
  • be scared
  • randomly change the subject because your scared or nervous
  • be upset if he doesnt like you


  • be confident
  • have faith in youyrself