How to use a Pi Xiu?

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In Chinese Feng Shui, a Pi Xiu is a mythical animal which is depicted with the head of a dragon and a dog or lion's body often with hoofs, little wings and a tail. The Pi Xiu is a loyal guardian that is frequently seen guarding the tombs of emperors or on the roofs of important buildings. It is believed a Pi Xiu absorbs evil and as it has no anus the evil cannot escape and infect the place it protects. It also absorbs wealth from all directions and signifies money coming in without going out which is why they are often depicted with a full belly standing on a bed of Chinese coins. A Pi Xiu is also believed to attract short-term wealth, as in a lottery win or a cash bonus so is very auspicious in Feng Shui terms. You may see Pi Xiu referred to as Pi Yao which is its heavenly form, Pi Kan, its sea form or Pi Xiu in its earth form. All forms are believed to be fiercely loyal to their master and will protect your home, generate luck and wealth while driving away evil spirits from your house. You should never site Pi Xiu in a toilet, kitchen or bedroom of your house as this will inhibit their powers. The best place is in the East sector of your living room at a position lower than eye level but not on the floor as this is seen as disrespectful. In the home it is often recommended to have a pair of Pi Xiu facing outwards towards the door or window so they can protect the family and attract money into the house. If you have moved into a new home or are experiencing bad luck then these are regarded as the most powerful symbol to change your fortunes. Many Chinese place their lottery tickets under the Pi Xiu hoping this will bring them good luck and a sudden windfall. At work place them on your desk or in the reception area facing the door as this will protect the business and attract luck and wealth. Some very influential and successful people in Hong Kong swear that these are indispensable while others claim they are just superstitious nonsense, so the choice is yours. Whatever the truth is they look pretty good and from time to time a little luck is something we all need.

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Q: How to use a Pi Xiu?
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What colour of Pi Xiu should we choose?

It depends on what kind of fortune you want to acquire from Pi Xiu. If you want Pi Xiu to give you and accumulate health, you should choose the white one. If you want Pi Xiu to give you and accumulate weath, you should choose the black one. If you want Pi Xiu to give you and accumulate position and career, you should choose the green one. In fact, you can choose a Pi Xiu with a combined of those above, usually a combined of two colours, dark green (means black + green), light green (means white + green), grey (means white + black). But, remember in your mind that Pi Xiu has the power to accumulate all types of fortune and are very pleased to give His Master. So, it finally depends on your mind settings about the so-called Pi Xiu. If you believe what, it will give you that kind of fortune.

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if its broken after you own it, means that the pi xiu had helped you in sort by blocking the bad chi or bad luck. it is best to bring it to a master to activate or purify it.

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