How to use a paper cutter?

This site gives you instructions on various types of paper cutters,here is an excerpt and the site:
Guillotine paper cutters are extremely dangerous and everyone should be particularly careful when using when using this type of cutter. In 1999 the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) published a booklet specifically discussing guillotine paper cutter safety and created the following directives:
# Guards must be provided to prevent the operator's fingers from contacting the knife or clamp from either the front or rear of the machine. Only one person should be allowed to operate the machine at the one time and where long material is being cut and cannot be adequately supported by the worktable, additional supports should be provided. # A hand-operated guillotine should be made inoperative when not in use either by removal of the handle or by the use of a locking or similar device. # The shear edges of the blades should be maintained in good condition and blade clearance must be adjusted in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation appropriate to the thickness of the material being cut. # Waste scrap metal provides a hazard for the hands and protective gloves should be worn when the metal is handled. A container should be provided for waste material from the guillotine. *