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How to use herbal vaporizer?


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January 21, 2008 11:57PM

Well if you have a standard vaporizer which is just the jar, the glass globe or whatever as a cover, a tube to suck on and the hot plate in the middle then you shouldn't have too much problems using it. To start off, your "herbal" smoke MUST be hydrated, meaning if its dry then it wont work half as well and problably will do nothing. So, to hydrate whatever you're vaporizing just put it in a plastic bag with orange peels or fresh letuce pieces for a day and come back at night and take it out. Once its hydrated you want to layer it on to the hot plate (circular plate or whatever) and then close the glass container tight and turn it on! Once your vape is on wait 5 minutes, check on it to see if theres a fine white condensation inside, then wait another 5 minutes and come back and toke a bit. Then after about another 5 minutes it should be good and you can turn it off. Toke tils theres nothing left and youre done! If ever nothing happened and all the previous steps to prepare it were completed, check to see if the hose got disconected. Mine actually disconected because I taped the end of the hose stupidly thinking that it would leak out (which doesnt happen) and then the pressure built up and popped it out.