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How to write marriage leave application?

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βˆ™ 2013-02-18 13:00:14

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Dear Sir,

I would like to apply for a 20 days leave beginning from 23rd of February 2012 and ending on 13th of March 2012. I hope you would you grant my request.

I have been working in this organization since last 9 months. I have always been punctual and followed all the company procedures. There has not been a single incident of absence from my work. I have not taken a single leave during this months. I am getting married on 26th of February 2012. As you know, a lot time needs to be dedicated towards making arrangements and preparations for a marriage, so I require leave for fifteen days.

I would also like to invite you for my marriage. I would be highly grateful if you could grant me this leave.

Respectfully submitted.

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βˆ™ 2013-02-18 13:00:14
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To write a leave application for your marriage you need to inform your employer and give reasons.

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Hey boss, see ya in 2 weeks.

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DOnt write anthing. just let her handle it you silly goose......

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Type your answer here... i wanna go to my friends marriage........on 11,feb,2012.

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Make sure your letter is polite, lists the dates you are requesting leave for, and the reason for the request for leave (your daughter's marriage). If possible, you can also mention your excellent record for attendance, to show that it is reasonable for you to take leave.

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You need to be very formal and respectful. You are leaving this leave application to your boss after all. Start with stating a date and greet the boss. First of all, state that this is an leave application form, and the amount of days and their dates that you need to leave for. Then write a few words on why do you think you should get the leave, and of course state the reason for the leave, in this situation, the reason is that you are getting married. State the fact that marriage requires a lot of time preparing for. Invite the boss, and thank him for considering your request.

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There are many ways to write a marriage invitation application to the boss. The easiest way is just to be straight-forward.

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WikiAnswers is for questions and answers, not to write an application for you.

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To write a leave extension application you should write a professional business letter explaining how long of a leave you need to take and what the circumstances surrounding that leave are.

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There are many examples of how to write your leave application in Sanskrit online. You can use it for sick leave, just needing a vacation, or for some other use.

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You can write an application for compensatory leave by giving a reason on why you need the leave. You also need to include the dates as far as how long you'll need to take off.

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Sir, I am glad to inform you that my Brother's marriage has been fixed on 01/24/2010. Most of the work related to marriage has to be completed by me. I will be grateful if you could grant me 6 days leave from January 18th to January 26th 2010 Thank you.

I have to write a mail to my boss regarding marriage leave application?

Hello Sir,On the occasion of my marriageI would like to apply for leave from13th Feb '13-Wednesday to 21th Feb'13-Friday (9 Days)Thanks & RegardsChandu