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E major 1chord F# minor 2chord G# minor 3chord A major 4chord B major 5chord C# minor 6chord D# minor 7chord You can start on absolutely any chord you want to. Emaj chord is what your trying to get to. Whatever chord you're playing the notes above can be added to it. The C#minor scale has the same notes as E major so it sounds perfect with E major. You can take a detour into a minor keychange by using C# minor.

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When would you need to read music?

You need to know how to read music to play music, transcribe music (write down a played song), transpose music (put music in a different key), and write music.

What is the key signature that has a B flat E flat A flat D flat G flat C flat F flat?

The music is in Cb Major if the music is in a bright sounding key. The music is in Ab minor if the music is in a dark sounding key.

Did Francis Scott Key write the music to the star spangle banner?


Is there sheet music for the Nancy Drew PC theme or can someone write the music notes?

E - E♭ - B - B♭- E - E♭ - B - B♭ Repeat that. :)

What key is Basket Case in by Green Day?

I think it is E Major....based on what the sheet music is...

Whose song was composed by Francis Scott Key?

Francis Scott Key wrote the lyrics to The Star Spangled Banner. He did not write the music, it was an old song.

Where can you find the sheet music of Celica westbrook - New Moon?

The song is in the key of E flat minor, if that helps. But as yet, there is no sheet music.

How do you write seem in text form?

Key the letters "s", "e", "e" and "m" in that order, and without any spaces between the letters.

How do you figure out a key signature?

You can usually see the key signature after the clefs. It shows and signifies whether a certain note is a sharp or a flat key all throughout the music sheet. For example, it shows that all B in the music sheet will be in a flat key unless specified to b e neutral.

The music key which sounds happy?

Music written in a major key sounds happy. Music written in a minor key sounds sad.

Has anyone ever seen sheet music for the song Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Segar in the key of F?

The original was in the key of E so its E-A-B I've seen it played in the key of G- so its G-C-D

What is a blues third in music?

It is a flat 3rd step of the scale. Example: an Eb in the key of C. The 3rd step of the blues key can be either raised or lowered. (E or Eb in the key of C).

When was Music is the Key created?

Music is the Key was created on 2003-11-03.

Does Cher Lloyd write her music?

She does write some of her own music but some people write music for her too.

How do you modulate from the key of E flat to the key of F?

If you're transposing a piece of music: Move all the notes up two semitones (one tone). If you're modulating/changing key in the middle of a piece of music the key signature changes from two flats (Bb, Eb) to one flat (Bb).

What is a lower key in music terms?

A 'lower-key' is a relative term. It is often used to compare two keys in the same register. For example: "D flat is a lower key than E flat".

What is the key signature for the key of E minor?

The key signature of E minor is F#.

Does David Beckham write music?

Oh no he does not write music.

Does david cook write his own music?

Yes he dose write his own music

Which key element contained in Baroque music did Classical music leave out?

which key element contained in the Baroque music that classical music left out

When was Music in the Key of Om created?

Music in the Key of Om was created in 2003-08.

How do you write the key singnature for e major using the bass and trebal cleff?

E major contains four sharps: F, C, G, and D.

What is the most depressing key in music?

The common consensus among composers and musicians is that the key of D minor is considered the saddest, or most depressing key. E flat minor is also a suitable key to use to convey depression and sadness.

Why did Bach write classical music?

Bach did not write classical music. He wrote baroque music.

How can you write music?

You can write music by expressing your feelings and think about something that you really want to write.