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Q: How types of Lathe are there?
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What kind of products can be made on a lathe?

Some examples of the types of products that can be made on a metal center lathe are (but not limited to):ShaftsBushingsSleevesBoltsNutsPistonsRamsPump partsElectric motor partsAircraft partsTrain partsShip partsAnd many, many moreSome examples of the types of products that can be made on a wood lathe are (but not limited to):Wood Furniture legsWooden bowlsArt pieces

What are the advantages and disadvantages of lathe machine?

One advantage of a lathe machine is that it can perform very detailed and intricate designs. One disadvantage of a lathe machine is that these machines are more expensive than other types of machines used to produce this type of work.

What are the four types of lathe machine?

well there is the one with a dick on his head, then there is one called the centre lathe then theres the, actually why am i telling you. work it out yourself you little prick.

What are the different types of lathes?

Metalworking lathes:Center lathe / Bench Lathe / Engine LatheCNC LatheCapstan and Turret LatheToolroom LatheSwiss-Style LatheCombination LatheGang Tool LatheBrake LatheWheel LatheMini Lathe or Micro LatheMultispindle LatheWoodworking LathesWatchmaker's LathesCue LathesOrnamental Turning LathesRotary LathesMetal Spinning LathesGlassworking LathesReducing Lathes

What Features of the lathe and what accessories can be used?

A lathe is a tool used in woodworking to shape pieces of wood into usable objects. Different types of tools can be used to shape the wood in a desired style.

What are the different types of filament winding process?

generally three is lathe type,& another 2 are racetrack and tumble type winders

Give the type of lathe machine?

Two categories; Woodworking lathes, Metalworking lathes. Sub-categories; Woodworking; Spindle turning, Scrolling, Bowl turning. Metalworking; Collet Lathe, Capstan Lathe, Centre Lathe, Turret Lathe. Punch Card Lathe. CNC lathe. Copy Lathe, Watchmakers Lathe, Metal Spinning Lathe,Automatic Lathe, And a very simple small Lathe used by watchmakers and Instrument workers called "A Turns".

Wood Lathe?

form_title= Wood Lathe form_header= Make woodworking easy with a wood lathe. What is your maximum budget?*= _ [50] Do you want a portable wood lathe?*= () Yes () No Are you replacing an old wood lathe?*= () Yes () No

What are the differences between ram type turret lathe and saddle type turret lathe?

There are two types of VTLs , one is ram type and another is turret type. question asked is slightly confusing. He mean to say Ram and turret.

Is lathe a lever or not?

A lathe is not a lever.

How Lathe machine held workpiece?

a lathe is a woodworking or metalworking rapidly turns the items to be lathe,

What is bench lathe?

The definition of a bench lathe is defined as a lathe mounted on a workbench. There is no other meaning for these two words other than a lathe mounted on a workbench.

What components does a CNC lathe manufacture?

A cnc lathe can manufacture nearly anything cylindrical. Some even have attachments to do other types of work in the machine as well, for a virtually endless array of parts. Whatever you can imagine really, as long as it will fit in the machine.

Aligment lathe mechince?

please tel me why must aligment lathe machince aligment lathe mechince

What is imagination lathe?

lathe machine, power depends on the size and power of electric motor and gearbox lathe.

What is a lathe backing plate for?

The backing plate on a lathe is used to mount the chuck to it and is the adapter to the lathe spindle.

How do you secure metal on a lathe?

By putting it in the Lathe

What is a Blanchard lathe?

A blanchard lathe is a lathe for turning irregular forms after a given pattern, such as lasts, gunstocks, etc.

What is a person called that works on a metal lathe?

People that work on a metal lathe are called a Turner, a Machinist or a Lathe operator depending on their trade or qualifications.

What are the differences in an engine lathe and a gapbed lathe?

An engine lathe can be a gap bed lathe. The term "gap bed" refers to a lathe where a section of the bed next to the head stock is removable to enable the machining of large outside diameter work pieces.

What is Turret Lathe well known for?

There is no such person as Turret Lathe. A turret lathe is a metal lathe that is used in manufacturing to repetitively produce duplicate parts. This can make a production line run smoother.

What is difference between Conventional Lathe and high speed lathe?

There are many different types of Lathe, the King of all machine tools- as there are many types of Organs ( musical instrument) a High-speed sometimes shortened to (speed Lathe) is a light duty model intended for sheet-metal work and such jobs. one model was used by the Naval Aircraft factory in Great Lakes ( home of the Great Lakes Biplanes- popular with stunt pilots) -and this had a circular speed controller looking something like a ship"s engine room telegraph but calibrated in R.P.M. and direct reading. there may be some specific R.P.M. range that would be taken as ( High Speed). There is an illustration of the Navy lathe in the current and recent Technical Books catalogues of Lindsay"s Publications.

What is the origin of the lathe's name?

Once upon a time there was a dragon named Lathe. He was the craziest dragon around. He liked to burn everything. on day a Electric Bass maker created a new type of instrument called a lathe. It was made to destroy the mighty dragon. The Electric Bass maker brought the lathe to the Mighty Lathe's lair. He yelled at the dragon calling out to duel him. The mighty Lathe came out and tried to burn his ball hairs off but the maker was too strong with his brand new lathe. The maker came up the Lathe and smacked his lathe right into Lathes head. That's how the mighty lathe died. Hope this helps, Jaden

What is lathe center distance?

A lathe's center distance is the distance between the chuck and the tail stock. This distance describes the maximum machinable length of the lathe.

What other materials can a lathe be made of?

Lathes can be used for many materials, metals, plastics, woods, rubber, many types of materials require certain kinds of lathes and/or grinders, I have used a grinder for shaping and resurfacing rubber, aluminum, brass, bronze, nylon, plastics, etc., lathes are the same way, some materials require a machinists lathe where as a wood lathe can be used for select materials. I said all that to explain the importance of the material you will use to make a lathe, if the lathe will be used for small, light and easy to cut materials you can make it from Wood, (seasoned hard wood) precision ground steel tubes, extruded aluminum, remember, the larger and heavier the turnings, the more rigid the materials are for building the lathe, accuracy and tolerances in building the lathe "Equals" more accuracy an ease of turning.