How useful is the human ear?

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How is an ear useful?

It is useful by letting you hear

Diagram of human ear?

human ear is also called ear drum

What is the muscle that moves the human ear?

. The Embryology moves the human ear

What is the difference between a human's ear to a rabbit's ear?

because a rabbits ear is connected to an animal, human ear is connected to a human.

Which frequency is not audible to human ear?

50 Hz is not audible to the human ear

What is the structure of the human ear?

The structure of the human ear is relatively hard on the top, and as you move lower down the ear it gets less hard and more squishy.See the related link for a diagram of the human structures fo the ear are the middle ear and the internal ear

What is the differences between animal ear and human ear?

The differences are that the animal ear is much bigger than the human ear and animal ears hear better.

What are ears divided into?

The divisions of the human ear are outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear.

Which part of the human ear vibrates?

Ear drum

Chemistry is useful to human beings?

Chemistry is useful for human beings.

Is the ear of a cat different than the ear of a human?

Yes. The cats ear is pointy, and a human ear is roundish. The system of both ears are quite similiar, though.

What main regioin of the human ear contains the ear canal?

Outer ear

Describe infrasonic and ultrasonic waves and explain why humans can not hear them?

The human ear cannot detect all possible frequencies. It has evolved to detect frequencies of sounds that are the most useful to humans, and has a maximum frequency range of about 20Hz to 20kHz, which decreases as you get older, particularly at the higher end. Infrasonic describes sounds that are too low in frequency to be heard by the human ear, and ultrasonic describes sounds that are too high in frequency to be heard by the human ear. These sounds cannot be heard by the human ear because they are outside of its range of capability.

Frequency response of the human ear?

The average response of a human ear at the ear drum is flat to about 500 Hz with a peak around 2.5KHz.

What main region of the human ear contains the ear canal?

External ear contains ear canal.

Introduction of ultrasonic?

we know that human ear can not hear sounds of frequency less than 20Hz or more than about 20,000 Hz . Sounds of frequency higher than 20,000 Hz , which are inaudible to human ear, can be produced and are utilized in many useful ways. Such sounds are called ultrasonics

What is the auricle of the ear?

The lobule of the ear (ear lobe) is the one part of the human auricle

What are facts about the human ear?

The smallest bone in the human body is inside the ear... it's called the "Stabes"

What is the difference between a human ear and a dog ear?

A dogs ear is a lot more sensitive then a humans ear

A headphone what useful energy does it have?

Sound energy.

What distance can a human ear hear?

It is difficult to say how far the human ear can pick up sounds. The distance a human ear can hear varies according to the condition of the ear, the frequency of the sound, and other sounds taking place at the same time.

What is the maximum sound level is safe for human ear in DB?

What is the maximum sound level is safe for human ear

Could radiocarbon dating be useful in dating the age of ear?

No. The ear decomposes and doesn’t stay on the skull.

What are facts about about the human ear?

the middle ear is the smallest bone in the body

What are the uses of hills by human beings and how they are useful to human beings?

it can be useful by water for hilly regions