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its both

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Is it cold or warm on the moon?

its both

What makes nighttime on the moon cold?

Nighttime on the moon is cold because there's no sunlight to warm it and no atmosphere to trap the heat.Note: the far side of the moon isn't always dark.

Is the moon brighter in warm or cold weather?

Its the same

What keeps earth warm after dark?

Your buttaholic

Why is moon not as warm as the earth?

Because the Moon does not have an as strong atmosphere as the Earth does, so the heat cannot be contained.

Where is the moon the coolest?

On the back side, where there is no sun exposure to warm it.

Why does the moon glow red sometimes?

The warm color of the moon shortly after it rises is caused by light from the moon passing through a greater amount of atmospheric particles than when the moon is overhead.

What the weather like on the moon?

cold and dark somtimes warm if you are lucky

Are moon jellyfish warm or cold blooded?

it has no blood and adapts to its envierments tempter

Is a full moon bird warm blooded and cold blooded?

There is no such bird as a "full moon" bird that I know of, though you could be referring to nocturnal migrant birds, that is, they move around at night. All birds are warm blooded animals.

Is the moon and the earth the same temperature?

No it ranges from -300 to 200 degrees on the warm side.

Why is November called the beaver moon?

November's moon is called the beavers moon because this was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter fur. It's also called Frosty Moon.

How warm does the moon get?

260 degrees Fahrenheit I believe. It also gets as cold as -280 degrees.

Does europa the moon have warter?

yes it is in the form of ice but it's layer is warm enough to have liquid

What is the trade name of warm footwear popular in 1970?

they were called moon boots and were made by several companies

When on the best thing to catch more fish is it on new moon or full moon?

well it best to fish on a full moon in warm weather the fish like like and shiny things so theyll be attrackted to moon light just toss your bait in the moon light and wait for that big one

What vital things do you need in the south pole?

-- food -- shelter -- fuel -- means of communication with civilization -- reading material -- warm clothing -- more warm clothing -- REALLY warm clothing -- clean underwear Much like on the Moon or Mars.

Does the moon get hot?

It certainly does, because there's no atmosphere to protect the moon from the sun's radiation, the temperature on the sunny side can reach 123 centigrade. It doesn't get warm at the poles though.

Why do you need greenhouse gases?

Greenhouse gases are needed to keep the planet warm. If it was not for greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, the earth would be like the moon, warm during the day and frozen at night.

What do wolves love?

Howling at the moon, chasing down, killin and eating prey, mating, being warm and healthy.

How human beings can live on the moon?

humans can live on moon but we would need all of earths oxygen all earths water and food also heat to keep us warm

Is a moon snail a mammal?

All snails are cephalopods, so no, a moon snail isn't a mammal. A mammal is warm-blooded, has hair at at least one point in their lives, can produce milk (female).

Is it true that when warm and cold currents meet tide is formed?

No, tides are caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon, not by currents.

What is the name for warm body of water that is in the oceans called?

Maria this is the answer that makes the most sence! Maria this is the answer that makes the most sence! no actually maria are the oceans of the moon, the darker areas of the moon are called maria.

How Do You Get Iggie?

black moon orchid + purple crazy daisy + purple crazy daisy = IGGY add me : im a-warm-smile