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How was Caesar murdered?



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I (dolphinlover) and (Nanice) JUST learned this for an hour in class today! OK here is how he died:The senate was scared that Julius was going to become king and change Rome's government to a monarchy. They had seen Julius wearing a purple robe, which is the color of a king's. The senate DID NOT want him to become king. If that happened Caesar's relatives would have ruled Rome and taken power away from the senate. Julius even said publicly he DID NOT want to be the king. So the senate took action. Brutus, Caesar's friend was persuaded to help kill him. Julius was stabbed many times by over 60 senate members. Julius, as he was dying, is believed to have said "Et tu Brute?", which means "You too Brutus?". Julius could not believe that his friend had helped kill him. Caesar died on the Ides of March, March 15, 44 BC.

Simplified: Julius Caesar was murdered in a meeting of the senate, by the senators.

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