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How was Hitler involved in the final solution?

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Hitler was the maker of the Final Solution.

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At first Hitler's plan for the Final Solution involved deporting the Jews of Europe to a place like Madagascar. However, this was discarded and later achieving the Final Solution involved mass killings of Jews through shooting and gassing of Jews.

Hitler was the one who ordered the final solution, being that all Jews be killed.

The Final Solution was not a place, it was a government policy. It was the policy to eliminate the Jews.

Adolf Hitler called the Holocaust "The Final Solution"

bothe himler and Hitler were to blame for the final sollution

The final solution was the plan made by Adolf Hitler to annihilatethe Jewish population in Europe.

I believe it was Adolf Hitler who ordered. Heinrich Himmler was the architect of the plan and Hitler coined the phrase "the final solution to the Jewish question." It was believed that Hitler ordered it in mid-1941.

There was no Final Solution speech. The Final Solution was kept secret as far as possible and Hitler did not give a speech about it on the radio or at a Party Rally.

There was one goal that Hitler had for the final solution. Hitlers goal was to get rid of all the people that was not like him.

I believe he called it "The Final Solution".

Adolf Hitler and his Nazi government.

Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler.

The "Final Solution", or mass killing of Jews, did not end until Germany was invaded by the Allied forces. That was about when Hitler killed himself.

The main idea of "The Final Solution" was to kill all of the Jewish people. This idea came from Adolf Hitler.

Prior to the Final Solution the Jews were ostracised and segregated.

The Final Solution. See the link below.

One name Hitler had for it was "The Final Solution".

There was only one group targeted; the full term was 'The Final Solution to the Jewish Question'. This is not to say that the Nazis did not persecute other groups, just that 'The Final Solution' was a specific issue.

During the Final Solution, Hitler ordered mainly the use of Gas Chamber to kill people but some still died from shootings and beatings etc...

The final solution refers to Hitler's "solution" to the Jewish question which involved killing millions of Jews.

Hitler planned and executed an operation to exterminate (murder) the Jews in Europe.

The end result of the final solution would be the get rd of all people that were not like him. When using the word him I am referring to Hitler.

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