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The climate was quite hot and humid so the Sioux needed the buffalo hide to make robes, buckskin shirts and long dresses so that they could pretect their bodies.

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How was the clothing affected by the climate and natural resources?

Their clothing kept them warm

How was the Navajos clothing affected by the climate and natural resources?

it wasnt

Was the Iroquois' clothing affected by the climate and natural resources?

i dont no

How was Maya clothing affected by the climate and natural resources?

The warm and humid climate that the Mayans lived in had made it essential to use a breathable fabric such as cotton.

How was apache Indian clothing affected by climate and natural resources?

different parts of india has different climatic conditions .india has a subtropical climatic conditions

Identification of natural resources affected by the tsunami?

how the natural resources are affected by the tsunami

How does Canada's location climate and natural resources affected where people live?

it has effected because the climate could be very cold . The location is near the arctic and it is very cold there.The natural resources might not be used there and other places could have different natural resources.

How did the climate and natural resources affect the Algonquin Indians?

it affected them by they couldn't fish for salmon or do anything couldn't even do there chores

Is food clothing and shelter natural resources?


How do the climate and natural resources of an area affect its economy?

The climate and natural resources of an area affect its economyThe more natural resources a country has, the faster it will grow, all other things held equal.

What are some natural resorces in Europe?

Their resources are limited. The natural resources are climate, vegetation, and their cute animals!!!

How does location climate and natural resources affect how people earn a living in germany and italy?

location is how far to travel and there natural resources climate is about farming and forests also crops the natural resources effect hoew the people work

Do natural resources cause global warming?

No. Misuse and inefficient use of natural resources contribute to climate change.

Does a country's infrastructure refer to its climate and natural resources?


What is the climate condition and natural resources in the Philippines?


How have the natural resources of canada and the united states affected how people live?

The natural resources of Canada and the US has affected people in a few different ways. The natural resources has made pricing go upon products, work and climates changes.

What is a natural resources in Hawaii?

Hawaii has no mineral deposit natural resources. Its natural resources include climate, soil, vegetation, and ground water as well as products from the ocean.

What type of natural resources does Bolivia have?

One of there natural resources is that they use llama and sheep wool to make clothing and blankets.

What are animal natural resources?

food, shelter, clothing, transportation

What does Brazil produce with its natural resources?

coal clothing food

What are the natural resources used the Yokuts?

they used deerskin for clothing!!!

What is the Cahuilla tribes natural resources?

they had plants feathers and clothing

What factors affect specialization?

climate, skills, natural resources

What are national resources in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin's most valuable natural resources are its water, soil, and climate.

The environmentv provides two types of natural resources- capital resources and human resources are?

no, climate and naturall resorcess