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Gun powder was "invented" in China. The Chinese first used it to make "firecrackers" for festivals & entertainment. Then, gun powder was put to use by Europeans to make "guns" fueled by gunpowder.

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Q: How was gunpowder used in china?
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Who was the first to use gunpowder?

Gunpowder was first used in China in the 800s. They used gunpowder in fireworks.

Where in China was gunpowder used?

its not used in china its used in the place with three vikings

Why did China invent gunpowder?

At first the gunpowder were used in fireworks, it was during the Ming Dynasty that gunpowder were really used for fire arms.

Who used gunpowder for weapons first?


What is gunpowder used for?

Gunpowder is the propellant in bullets. It is also used in "firecrackers". Gunpowder was invented in China hundreds and hundreds of years ago. It's common elements are saltpeter, sulfur and charcoal.

What use was gunpowder to china?

It was used to make fireworks.

When was gunpowder first used?

gunpowder was first used in 919 in china :]:):]:)when a war was going off !!!and they used gun powder to defend back :)

What country discovered sulfur?

China. They used it to invent gunpowder.

What inventions made by china and used by europeans?

gunpowder, paper, printing, and pasta

Where was gunpowder made?

Gunpowder is made in china in the Tang Dynasty.

Where was gunpowder born?

Gunpowder was INVENTED in China- we think. Nearly 1000 years ago, so records are spotty at best.yes gunpowder originated in china.

What year did china make gunpowder?

China made Gunpowder in 1000 A.D. They actually made it by accident.

What date did china invent gunpowder?

The first documented note of gunpowder was in China, in around 142 A.D.

In what war was gunpowder first used?

Evidence has been found that gunpowder began to be used in weapontry as early as 960 AD in the Northern Song Dynasty of China. Gunpowder was used in early cannonballs and as wicks for flame throwers and bombs. Metal weapons, which were a predecessor to firearms were used in the Yuan Dynasty as early as 1271. These weapons were all used during the early wars between the different kingdoms of China. The unification of China is believed, by some, to be the result of gunpowder. Says the fag you listen too.

Why isn't the gunpowder ther by the great wall of china?

I'm guessing you mean why it was not used for defense or weaponary. The answer is that the Chinese did not find a weaponary use for gunpowder, they used it mainly for fireworks. The Europeans were the first to use gunpowder for weapons.

Where did the gunpowder come from?


Where the gunpowder came from?


Who discovered gunpowder?

It is unknown for who discovered gunpowder, but there are some guesses, dealing with the Chinese, Greek, Arabs and others. But most people say that gunpowder was discovered in China with the tang dynasty (618-907). Gunpowder is also used in fireworks.

What civilization invented paper and gunpowder?

Paper and gunpowder were invented by China. The Chinese used gunpowder primarily for fireworks celebrations. Paper was utilized for writing. European found gunpowder useful for weapons. Canons and hand guns used it for war and warfare became even more deadly.

What year was gunpowder invented by berthold schwarz?

gunpowder was invented in 1232 in china

Did the Romans use gunpowder?

Ancient Romans did not use gunpowder. Gunpowder was invented by China around the middle ages.

What impact did the invention of gunpowder have on Ancient China?

industrialization in china .

Where was gunpowder created?

China It was created in China for making fireworks.

Why is China important?

China is important because it made gunpowder.

What Time of the invention of gunpowder?

No one knows exactly when gunpowder was invented. It was invented and used in China by9 centrys for firecrackers and incendiary devices thrown by a catapult.