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Q: How was tai chi introduced in Australia?
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Do you play tai chi in Australia?

Hi,there.I play Tai Chi in China. I suffer from asthma. Some one suggests me to practice Tai Chi.Now I have practiced it for almost a year. It is definitely good to my health.

What is the most popular Tai Chi DVD series?

The most popular Tai Chi DVD series are The Tai Chi - 24 Hours, Sunrise Tai Chi, Totaly Nude Yoga and Tai chi, Tai Chi for Health - Yang Short Form with Terrence Dunn etc.

Where did TAI CHI come from?

Tai Chi comes from China.

Why do you spell it Tai Chi when it is pronounced Tai Gik?

tai gik is the cantonese pronunciation. tai chi is mandarin.

Does Ku style Tai Chi exist or is it Wu style Tai Chi?

Ku style Tai Chi does exist, as well as Wu style; and many other styles of Tai Chi. Katara studies Ku style/Yang form Tai Chi, Sun style Tai Chi, and Bikram Yoga.

In what ways is tai chi poweful?

in what ways is tai chi powerful

Are weapons used in tai chi?

Yes, weapons are used in tai chi.

When was Quo Tai-chi born?

Quo Tai-chi was born in 1889.

When did Quo Tai-chi die?

Quo Tai-chi died in 1952.

When was Tai Chi-tao born?

Tai Chi-tao was born in 1890.

What are the types of tai chi?

There are 5 Primary types of Tai Chi.They are:YangChenWuSunWu/HaoKu style (A style of Tai Chi that is the basis of Waterbending in the Nickelodian series "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and the trilogy that's based off of the three seasons of the Nickelodian series called "The Last Airbender".)). There are thousands of other styles that are derivatives or variations on the main 5.

When did Tai chi?

Tai chi proper came into being about 400 years ago.