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Q: How was the Cold War different from othe wars?
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How did the containment policy lead to the cold war?

because the cold war influence many different countries to interfere with the wars

What two wars occured during the cold war?

The Cold War resulted in the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

How was cold war different from other wars?

The two main opponents did not fight each other directly.

How are hot wars and cold wars alike?

A Hot War is physical actions while a Cold War is just threatening talk.

What two major wars you involved in during the cold war era?

vietnam war and the cold war

What 3 wars did the cold war lead to?

The three wars that the cold war lead to was 1. Korean war 2. Vietnam war 3. the invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union

What were the nature of the fighting like in the cold war?

Korea & VN were the only wars of the cold war.

How did the Cold War lead to armed conflict?

The two major players in the Cold War were the US and the Soviet Union. These two nations did not have battles or real wars during the Cold War years. Other conflicts among smaller communist nations, and a large one, China, were related to the Cold War. Wars in Korea and Vietnam can be considered wars with roots in the Cold War.

What were the wars after the Holocaust?

There was the Cold War after the Holocaust. The Cold War was a war which used words and threats, but no weapons and bombs.

What war followed cold war?

There are lots of wars all the time, particularly civil wars, but the major war which followed the Cold War is known as the War On Terror; the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan are part of that larger struggle against international terrorism.

What wars resulted because of the cold war?

The Korea War and the Vietnam War.

What wars were fought as a part of the cold war?

Korean War & Vietnam War.