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How was the DVD invented and what it upgraded from?

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It was updated from a CD.

DVD stands for 'Digital VERSATILE Disc' and was designed to hold any kind of data, with a much higher density than CD.

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When was the first DVD player invented?

where was the first DVD players invented?

Where was the DVD player invented?

The DVD player was invented in 1996 in Japan, by Sony.

Why was movies and DVD invented?

Movies and DVD were invented because they wanted to entertain people.

Who invented the DVD drive?

It is invented by HP. The first DVD drive is developed in HP labs in 1993

Who invented DVD?

James Russel invented it in china.

Why was a DVD player invented?

A DVD player was invented for entertainment purposes. And to play movies and other audiovisual material on them.

When was the DVD movie invented?

DVD is an optical disc storage format, invented and developed by Philips, Sony, Toshiba, When Was the DVD Invented?. The invention of the DVD began in 1993, with conflicting formats (MMCD and SD) forcing companies like Sony-Phillips

How has the DVD player advanced?

the portabe DVD player was invented in 1995

What is the history of the DVD player?

the history of DVD player was invented in japan

What year was the portable DVD player invented in?

it was invented in 1645

When exactly were DVD players invented?

I guess i can only tell you that DVD Player was first invented between 1994 and 1995.

WHERE was the first shoe invented?

shoe were invented way back then in the B.C but in the 19 century it was upgraded to a new fashion look

Who invented DVD and when?

A DVD, or digital video disc, was invented in the early 1990s after the invention of the compact disc. Sony-Philips and Toshiba teamed up to create the DVD after they dealt with conflicting formats.

Who invented the first DVD Recorder?

Answer:="The First DVD Recorder was invented on December 2005 by Robin Woolum when Robin Woolum got a DVD Recorder at Wal-Mart near Richmond, IN 47374!!!!!!"=

What is the history and origin of the DVD case?

The history and origin of the DVD cases is not known because it is not one of those life changing products. DVD cases were invented a little while after CD's were invented.

When was the first DVD invented?

I believe its in 1999

What year was the DVD invented?

1983 or 1995

When was the DVD Burner First Invented?


When were DVD players invented?

1566 1566 1566

When was HD DVD invented?

I DONT KNOW! a day!

What company invented the first DVD player?


The person who invented CD and DVD?


How has a DVD changed since it was invented?

blue ray

When was the DVD invented and who invented it?

it was invented in 1974 and Mr Smithers invented it.

What technology was invented in 1996?

The technology that was invented in 1996 was the DVD. They ere invented by the Japanese. The DVD's replaced the video tape.

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