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How was the US formed?

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Date needed for formation of United States

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What city was first capital of the newley formed US?

capital of newley formed us

When was the US army formed?

The US Army, the oldest of the US Armed Services, was formed in 1775 during the American Revolution

What third political party was formed in the US?

The Green Party is a third party and was formed in the US

How did the Great Lakes in the US formed?

The Great Lakes were formed by glaciers.

What is the nation formed by the US as a homeland for the Jewish people?

The US did not form any homeland for the Jewish people. The only nation the US has formed is the US. Nor is a nation a homeland.

In what year was US formed?

The US became a nation in 1776.

Why was the us army formed?

To defend the US from it's enemies.

Where were the Confederate States of the US formed in February of 1861?

The government was formed in Montgomery.

Which state in the us was formed totally by volcanoes?

Hawaii was formed by volcanic action.

The EPA and NASA were formed as?

The EPA and NASA were formed as executive agencies for the US government.

Why was the liberal party formed?

If you are asking about the US there is no "liberal" party in the US.

How did king george the third affect the history of the US?

Without him, the US likely would not have formed, or at least it wouldn't have been formed for a while.

Was Dwight Eisenhower President of the US when the Interstate highway system was formed?

Dwight Eisenhower was President of the US when the Interstate highway system was formed.

When the League of Nations was formed what did the US do?

did not join

What state is formed by a peninsula in the US?


When was the Democratic Party in US formed?


Where was the first pharmacy formed in the US?


How lakes in US and Canada were formed?


When was the US Marine Band formed?


What was The last state formed in the US?

The last state to be formed in the US was Hawaii. The territory of Hawaii was admitted to statehood on August 21, 1959 as the 50th state.

What are the effects of the revoluionary war?

The Colonies become the United States of AmericaA stable and just government is formedA structured military is formedFrance is motivated by the US Revolution to start one of their ownA US constitution is formed

What date is the Confederate States of US formed?

The confederate states were officially formed on Feburaury 5, 1861.

What natural landmark formed the new western boundary of the US?

The Mississippi River formed the western boundary.

Which was the first political party formed in the US?


When was US Navy formed?

In 1775 as the Continental Navy.