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Q: How was the housing of the jumano?
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Does jumano have a government?

Yes jumano has a government

What was the jumano shelter?

The Pueblo Jumano lived in cities built on the sides of cliffs and the Plains Jumano lived in tepees.

Were Jumano Indians Hunters?

the jumano are a hunter-gatherer tribe

How did the jumano cook there food?

The jumano cooked their food on hot rocks.

What did the plains jumano supply to the jumano near the rio grande?

The Jumano would live off the land. They would mostly eat Buffalo .

What was men role in jumano tribe?

jumano men took care of the tribe

What did the Jumano eat?

where is my answer

What was the jumano appearance?


What was the jumano Indians houses made of?

The house of the jumano were made of dried mud and pebbles.

What did jumano men wear?

jumano men and children didn't really wear anything

What is one way that the jumano adapted to their environment?

what is one way the Jumano adapted to their environment

What are planets that the jumano grew?

The Jumano Indians lived in Texas and New Mexico. That is on Earth.

What vegetation was grew around the jumano Indians?

what vegetation grew around the Jumano Indians

Whqt did the plains jumano supply to the jumano near the rio grande?

The plain Jumano only supply from what is on the land. They mostly eat Buffalo and other wild animals.

What did the jumano indians do hunt?

The Jumano Indians would hunt animals such as buffalo, deer, and rabbits.

Did the jumano Indians live in the mountains?

the jumano trbe lived here because of their food supply

What was the jumano lifestyle?

they lice

Were the Jumano Indians sedentary?

The jumano tribe was sedentary usallystayed in the moutain and basin region hunting buffalo

Did the jumano Indians grow there food or hunt there food?

Jumano indians either grow their food or hunt their food

What plains animal did some jumano hunt?

There are many animals that Jumano hunt. The main animal they eat are Buffalo.

Did the jumano have enamies?

Did the Jumanos have enemies

How do you pronounce the word Jumano?

Where did the jumano tribe live?


What were the homes of the Jumano people?


How did the jumano Indians get their food?

they traded...