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The ocean was made by comets. When comets hit the earth, it added more and more water to the surface. When the Solar System was being made, not a single trace of water was found on Earth. There were comets all over the Solar System. So of course, comets would end up hitting the earth.

A comet has ice in it. When a comet gets closer to the atmosphere, it heats up and the ice turns into water. Whenever the comet strikes the earth, it bursts and water is added.

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How is the sand on the ocean beach made?

A ocean and another ocean got together and made a baby ocean that made a beach to play in.

Most of the ocean floor is made up of the?

Most of the ocean floor is made up of ocean plains.

Should the southern ocean be a ocean?

it should be a ocean it was made on April 2000.

What kind of rock is the ocean basin made of?

Ocean basins are primarily made of the igneous rock, basalt.

What are mountains made from?

=mountains are made from the earth in the ocean=

How many magama are in the ocean?

The ocean floors are largely made of magma.

What makes up the ocean water?

The ocean is made of oxygen, salt, and water.

What new thing are made at the mid-ocean ridge?

The ocean floor.

Is ocean floor smooth?

The ocean floor is not smooth.The ocean floor is made up of rocks, ledges and ditches.

What is the ocean mostly made of?


How does an ocean forms?

it is made by nature

What did ocean made of?

water and salt

Why is the shoutern ocean called the shouthern ocean?

There actually is no such thing as the Southern Ocean. The "{Southern Ocean" is made up of a combination of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

What is a marine geophysicist?

Its is a rock made A marine geophysicist studies the ocean or works on the ocean or works with data taken from the ocean

What man made waterway connects the Atlantic ocean and pacific ocean?

the Panama Canal

What is the portion of the ocean floor that is made up of oceanic crust?

the deep ocean basin

How did the ocean floor start?

God made the ocean floor on the 2nd day of creation.

What is ocean soil made of?

Hi there ocean soil is made up of eroded rock particles sand and rocks and stones this altogather makes a studgy brown mix with lies at the bottom of the ocean.

What is the sand on a black sand beach made of?

It's made of basalt, and created by lava flowing into the ocean which explodes as it reaches the ocean and cools.

What are the features on the ocean floor?

made out of waves

What is ocean water made up of?


The ocean floor is made of mostly?


What is most of earths surface made of?

the ocean

Oceania is mostly made up of?


Which Ocean was made first?

It was termed Panthalasa.