Spanish Armada

How was the spanish armada going to invade?


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The Armada was to sail down the channel with some troops on board and it was supposed to pick up the main force who were in the Netherlands. The army was then to cross the channel and engage Elizabeth's forces. It is believed that Philip didn't think he would be able to take England but would rather force Elizabeth to negotiate so Philip could get the two things he wanted. 1 Her to stop helping the rebels in the Netherlands 2 Stop carrying out piracy on his ships.


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The Spanish Armada started on the 8th August 1588.

The Spanish Armada was sent to attack and invade England in the year of 1588.

The Spanish Armada was beaten by the English at the Battle of Gravelines, and then it was battered by a powerful storm, in the year 1588. Unable to invade England, the remains of the Spanish Armada sailed home.

England to invade the country.

They planned to invade England.

They wanted to overthrow Protestant England.

Invade England and restore the Catholicism.

The Spanish Armada. It was sent to attack and invade England due to their conflicts in the New World.

No. The Armada was built for the purpose of transporting the Spanish Army from mainland Europe to England. For a number of reasons, mainly the weather, it failed.

The armada did not invade England. It aas defeated by what was called a Protestant wind, because the wind was bad for the Spanish Catholic fleet and good for Protestant ruled England.

on may the 28, 1588 the Armada with 130 ships and 30,000 men began to set sail! :)

They were a strong army and could easily invade and take over

The Spanish Armada was coming to invade her country and replace her with Philip II. Philip was a Catholic and Elizabeth was a Protestant. She would probably be killed if they succeeded.

I assume by "Spanish Armada" you mean Phillip II of Spain's unsuccessful attempt to invade England, which occurred in 1588. At the time, Queen Elizabeth I ruled England.

Armada is the Spanish word for a fleet of ships. The Spanish Armada was a fleet of 150 ships with 29,000 men. It was put together by the Spanish in 1588 to invade England. Its defeat was a major blow to Spain. The event can be seen as signaling the end of the dominance of Spain and the Spanish Empire and the rise of the importance of England and the British Empire.

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Elizabeth in the Spanish ArmadaNo she wasn't. She fought the Spanish Armada and beat them...

Conflicts in the New World infuriated the Spanish, and they decided to send the fleet of ships to attack and invade England.

Some weaknesses for the Spanish fleet were spanish gunner were not taught to reload cannons. Spanish navy not large enough to invade England. Leaders of Armada missed an oportunity to attack in Plymouth. Spanish Admiral was not a sailor and got very sea sick.

The Spanish Armada was not in Cornwall.

She was queen during the Spanish Armada, and she made the spanish armada happen.

It was called in Spanish 'Grande y Felicisima Armada'. Meaning 'Great and most Fortunate Navy'

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