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We thought about blowing each other up a lot.

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Q: How was the world different during the Cold War?
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Was the cold war during World War 1 and world war 2?

no only during ww2

How was the cold war different from World War 1 and World War 2?

Cold war never broke out into an actual war.

How was the Cold War different from World War 1 and II?

World War I and World War II were fought with soldiers, but the Cold War wasn't.

What two countries were the world powers that competed during the cold war?

The USA and USSR competed during the cold war

What caused the cold war to escalate during the post world war 2 Prd?

the cold wars

Who was the Strategic backyard of the US during the cold war?

Latin America was the strategic backyard of the US during the Cold War. The Cold War started after World War II and lasted until 1991.

Why did the cold war lead to a new western world?

now do you mean after the cold war or during. if during it was from all the fear of nuclear attack

What was the Cold War during the Vietnam War?

The cold war was a "NON-SHOOTING WAR" between the free world and the communist world. Korea and Vietnam were "hot" battles (a shooting war) between the free world and the communists.

Who were Us allies during World War 2 that changed during the cold war?

the soviet union (Russia)

What were the major threats to world peace during the cold war?

The possibility of nuclear war.

What were classrooms like during world war 2?

imagine a post-WWI world and pre-cold war world classrom if you will.

What president was a famous general during World War 2 and became president during the cold war era?


Who was the president during the cold war I?

There was no Cold War I

Why did the Cold War follow World War 2?

The cold wars followed after world world war 2 because, the war produced two super powers, The United States and The USSR. Both had their own beliefs and government and wanted their beliefs to be the ideal one for other country's. The largest factor of the cold war was democracy vs. communism. During the cold war the United States fought the USSR indirectly by using different country's Some examples of this are the Korean war and the Vietnam war.

The cold war is about differing ideologies or Economic Supremacy?

The Cold War was between the different ideologies of the United States and the USSR. The Cold War began after World War II and ended in 1989.

How cold was it during World War I?

During world war 1 it was below freezing point and many people had ice creams unlucky it was -50 degres

What was the weather like during World War 2?

very very cold!!!!!!! it was very cold during the war so people got colds and flu's from other deceases

How did the cold war ideology that crystallized after the world war change war time alliances that existed during the war?

During the cold war the countries around the world were now trying to scavenge as much of Germany's technology left after world war 2. one experiment was actually about making a flying saucer war machine. another part of the cold war was the race to space. all countries tried to be the first in space.

What part of the world was dominated by communism during the cold war?

Russia and China

What was it like in the Anderson shelter during World War 2?

Cold and damp.

What were the third world countries described as during the cold war?

Nonaligned nations.

Who was the president during the cold war?

Harry TrumanThere were several presidents during the Cold War. The Cold War lasted from the end of World War Two until 1989, when the Berlin wall came down. So the answer is every president between 1945 to 1989.

How did a local struggle in Vietnam turn into a major event of the Cold War?

Two different topics/questions here; "Local Struggle..." and "Major event of the cold war..." 1. The VN War wasn't a local struggle. It involved the world powers and potential atomic war. 2. Any SHOOTING war during the cold war was a major event.

How were Jewish Americans treated during World War 1?

Jewish Americans were not treated any different during World War I.

Explain how differences between the Soviet Union and the West led to the Cold War?

In the post-World War II era, different value-systems, world-views, and socio-political ideals were the the main causes of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States. As a communist country, the Soviet Union's basic commitments were quite different from the democratic-republican commitments of America. At the same time, the Soviet Union's tremendous suffering during both world wars affected its aggressive foreign (and domestic) policy during the Cold War, as well.