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Q: How was ww1 a contributing factor in the russian revolution?
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What revolution took place at the end of ww1?

The Russian Revolution (The October Revolution)

Who started the Bolshevik revolution?

ww1 russian comunist

Why did the Russian revolution lead to ww1?

The Russian Revolution did not lead to World War 1, as the Bolshevik Revolution took place in 1917, 3 years into the war.

How did the Russian revolution impact ww1?

it made the Russian army withdraw and forced it to sign a treaty with the Germans.

What countries were involved in the Russian Revolution?

The only country directly involved in the Russian Revolution was Russia itself. Germany did help Vladimir Lenin get into Russia and then funded his revolutionary operations, but it was not truly involved as a nation.

Russia made peace with Germany and withdrew from ww1 because?

The Bolshevik Revolution changed Russian objectives. //NovaNet

How did world war1 contribute to the callapse of the Russian monarchy?

WW1 sparked the Bolshevik revolution because Tzar Nicholas sent millions of Russianpeasantsto their deaths on the front. This angered the Russian people and sparked the Bolshevik Revolution. The Bolshevik revolution pitted the Russian Monarchy against communists led byVladimirLenin. The Bolsheviks won, and the monarchy was murdered by extremists

Why did russia withdraw from from WW1?

because a revolution, led be V.I. Lenin, was starting. it was called the Bolshevic/Russian Revolution. russia withdrew from the war to take care of the problems within the country.

What event caused the Russian revolution?

Which one? 1905 or 1917? Czar was nuts, feudalism/capitalism suck, and the russians were getting their asses handed to them in WW1.

Who were russia's enemies in 1914?

Before the Communist revolution of 1917, the Russian army were fighting the Germans and the Austro-Hungarian army in WW1.

What revolution was the red baron in?

He was in WW1 , not in any revolution.

How did Russia's participation in ww1 affect its empire?

The fighting was often seen as pointless, and citizens began to have a hatred for their Russian leaders. This added fuel to the fire of the revolutionaries, and in October, 1917, the Communist Revolution occurred, overthrowing the Russian Empire.