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better than neon tubes they bust but yes just dont get alot of snow on them they will short out so its ok

2009-11-11 03:18:37
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Is George Clooney related to Shelly Winters?

No. His aunt was Rosemary Clooney.

Analysis of the poem timothy winters?

a boy who is very poor yet very grateful for all he has he is always thinking about food

What are winters like in Russia?

winters in russia are long and cold winters!!!!

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Given that Winters was 23 yrs older than DeNiro, that she was already pretty chubby by the time he was of age, and that he seems pretty focussed on women of color -- probably not. Maybe you're thinking of Marlon Brando, who did have an affair with Winters, and whose character, Don Corleone, DeNiro played in Godfather II.

Does Canada have mild winters?

no Canada does not have mild winters!! no Canada does not have mild winters!!

How do you say 'winters' in Bulgarian?

zima, plural zimi (for winters)

How does dogs survive?

by getting enough exercise and eating also there fur helps them live through harsh winters

Who was Frank Winters of the Manhattan Project?

Frank Winters is a fictional character in the movie "Nuclear. Family. Manh(A)than." The character is the lead scientist who is obsessed with getting the A-bomb built. The movie is not necessarily historically correct.

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Roland Winters is 6'.

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The address of the Winters Participation Gallery For The Arts is: Po Box 1140, Winters, CA 95694-1140

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Ralph L. Winters has written: 'Historical sketches of the Winters family'

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Scott William Winters is 52 years old (birthdate: August 5, 1965).He is the brother of actors Dean Winters and Bradford Winters.

How long will a Honda last?

Depends on a variety of factors including the maint. schedule the owner follows, whether the transmission is automatic or manual, where the vehicle is located (as Northern winters are harsher than Southern winters), how many mile the vehicle is driven in the course of a year. But I can tell you from personal experience, I will never buy anything but a Honda as the one that lasted the least amount of time lasted 10 years and 315,000 miles.

What is the mascot for the Winters TX high school?

Winters Blizzards

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Joan Winters died in 1933.

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