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Depends on the engine and the amount of electricity charged in the battery before going up the hill. For long travel up hill, the electric engine will eventually stop and only the fuel engine will be pulling the car, therefore it may not be very powerful. Most hybrid cars charge electricity (power) every time you brake, so going up, you rarely brake and that is why you will run out of electricity and therefore the hp is reduced considerably. The battery never runs out, when it reaches a certain point the gasoline charges the battery. Going downhill the battery will recharge through regeneration (the wheels turn the electric motor (which acts as a generator) and charges the battery) (free energy). The small gasoline engine has about as much horse power as the engines of the 1970's (around 100). The Pinto had about 90 horses & got about 32 MPG, a Prius has 110 HP and gets about 50 MPG.

Many of the new models of hybrid cars have a button that allows you to tell the car's computer if you want it to operate for best fuel efficiency or best performance. Selecting best performance my Honda Insight has no trouble climbing over mountain passes, however going back downhill on the far side the regenerative braking still runs out when the battery is again fully charged and unless I use the paddle shifters (which not all hybrid cars have) to force a downshift, the car has no compression braking as an ordinary car does.

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What percent of America drive Hybrid Cars?


How many people in the US drive hybrid cars?

not enough

Where can one purchase a Land Rover hybrid car?

Land Rovers are cars typically designed for rough terrain, and hilly areas. One can purchase them at the official Land Rover dealership, or any local car dealers.

Hybrid Cars Versus Gas Cars?

Hybrid cars are so much better than gas cars for a lot of reasons. The main reason people decide to make the switch to hybrid cars is for the savings on gas. When you drive around in a new hybrid car, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars on gas in a given week.

Are hybrid cars more economical than conventional cars?

Maybe, but if you factor in manufacturing and recycling costs of batteries and the hybrid drive system it can be more expensive.

How does the latest hybrid vehicle drive?

Toyota has a variety of hybrid cars, from the Prius to many of the standard vehicles which have been newly equipped with the hybrid drive system. They all receive fairly high reviews for drive-ability.

A Few Ways to Compare Hybrid Cars?

When you are out on the auto market shopping for hybrid cars, there is no better way to compare them than by actually taking the time to test drive each one. You should always make it a point to test drive a few hybrid cars, simply so you can see whether a hybrid car is a good fit for you. You will want to make sure that a hybrid has all the features and specs you desire.

Why you drive hybrid cars?

To feel as though you are doing something good for the environment.

Similarities between hybrid and gas cars?

hybrid and gas cars both use gasoline to fuel its drive. However hybrid uses the gasoline more efficiently by converting braking energy to electric energy.

How efficient is hybrid car fuel?

Hybrid cars get better gas mileage than regular cars. Also, the great thing about the hybrid car is that you do not necessarily need to use fuel to drive a hybrid car, which will help you save money on gas.

What country has hybrid cars?

all countries have hybrid cars

Do hybrid cars run on the sun?

Hybrid cars do not run on the power of the sun. Hybrid cars use a battery and gas to run.

Where can I test drive hybrid cars?

Any auto dealer would be happy for you to come in and drive the maker's hybrid model. Decide which two or three are of the most interest, and then stop by the dealership in your area.

What warranties do the hybrid cars that are listed offer?

The warranties of hybrid cars are dependent upon the manufacturer of the hybrid car. Most hybrid cars come with the standard manufacturer warranty.

Using Electric Cars?

When you use electric cars, there are some precautions that you should take. You should always be sure to ride on flat land when driving electric cars. Electric cars do not drive well on hilly terrain. In fact, it can be quite dangerous to drive one of these cars over a bridge or on a large hill.

Are there any hybrids with four wheel drive?

Yes, there are hybrid cars that offer four wheel drive. The Ford Escape offers the hybrid model in four wheel drive. This car is a fuel economy and environmentally friendly car with four wheel drive.

Advantages of Small Hybrid Cars?

Small hybrid cars are a great option for eco-friendly urban drivers. They are easier to maneuver and park in urban spaces. Like other hybrid cars, small hybrids save money because you use less gas in stop and go traffic. You can use a small hybrid car to run errands and drive to work. Drive your bigger when you need the room for passengers or to haul large items.

Best list of good hybrid cars?

Many web sites offer top ten lists and reviews on hybrid cars. Lists and reviews from reputable sites can be found at, and

What is another word for Hybrid cars?

another word for hybrid cars are bunnies

Why do hybrid vehicles use less fuel?

Hybrid cars can also use electricity to run as well as gasoline. Therefore, it is able to go much further on one tank of gas. This is why hybrid cars are not only better for the environment, but also more economical to drive.

Could you inform me about 2012 hybrid cars?

Hybrid cars are cars that have more than one source of power that moves the vehicle. According to most rankings, the best hybrid cars of 2012 are the Toyota Prius series, the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Honda Civic Hybrid.

Are hybrid cars a nonrenewable energy resource?

are hybrid cars renewable or non renewable

Is there any country which uses hybrid cars?

There are hybrid cars in use in many countries.

Some Problems With Hybrid Cars?

Many people drive hybrid cars, but they do have some disadvantages. The high price is one of the biggest hybrid car problems. In addition, the complicated system has to be repaired by experienced mechanics, which can be very costly. Generally, hybrids are smaller than most cars and made with lightweight materials. The lighter weight helps increase speed, but it can make hybrid cars more susceptible to being damaged in an accident.

Are hybrid cars different than electric cars?

Unlike Electric Cars, Hybrid Cars don't need an outlet to charge battery