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The Intruder does handle fairly well compared to its counterparts of the cruiser class, by handling I would assume your talking about how well it behaves in turns...since this class of machine IS the cruiser type do not expect to keep up with the current or past generations of sportbikes as you will fall behind. The best scenario is SMOOTH sweeping turns, the suspension in its' current form cannot deal with irregularities in the road...sportbikes' suspensions are meticulously calibrated for these real world curcumstances...cruisers cannot do this. The raked out front forks of cruisers make for a very stable platform but are not designed to be turned hard. A simple modification that I would myself do if I had a cruiser, would be the addition of a fork brace...a chunk of aluminum that strengthens the two front fork that they don't flex (As much!). In addition I would pay attention to the exaust setup, footpegs and any other hard parts that would interfere with aggressive cornering(Lean angle).Some exausts hang SO far down on cruisers that they really limit how far you can bend er over...all that stuff needs to be removed, changed or modified so you can corner good up to the suspensions limit. _______________________________________________________________________________________Rick........

AnswerThe Intruder will handle much better after replacing the original tire with a good tire such as an Avon Venom X. I've been told that Progressive shocks and springs help a lot too. Mine are still stock. It also it handles poorly at slow (parking lot) speeds due to the fork rake. AnswerSorry, I didn't mean to post this in the discussion, but rather here on the answer page. It's just my .02. I think that as far as cruisers go, the Intruder VS series handles quite well. I've owned two Intruders and have ridden many other cruisers and I must say that as far as defensive riding goes, I don't think I'd trust my life on any other cruiser.Of course, I am not a sport bike enthusiast, so I never think of "handling" as hugging the corners at ninety miles an hour. I think of handling as being able to swerve around idiot lane changers while remaining upright and unharmed.At this, the Intruders excel.
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Q: How well does the Suzuki 1400 cc Intruder handle?
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