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Since World War Two African Americans civil rights have changed greatly, there have been changes in segregation with help from the Supreme Court and the executive branch in ending it (firstly in schools in 1954;) yet there have also have been clear changes in attitudes with many Whites now appreciating that blacks deserve equal civil rights. However it is arguable, how significant these changes really are and if any, was world war two really a turning point in making these changes?

Before the War America was in the grip of the great depression the Second World War made widespread unemployment a thing of the past. However at the beginning of the war all the armed forces are segregated and black people have the worst or most dangerous jobs with in it such as cooks and transporting ammunition. Also in the air force Black Americans were not able to become pilots. during this time the Double V campaign started which aimed to bring Victory/Equality at home and over seas. Thanks to the double V campaign the gap between white and black in working conditions and in pay had severely reduced. Also by 1945 there were 600 Black American pilots in the US Air Force and in 1946 the US Navy was desegregated with the rest following in 1947.

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Q: How were African-Americans better off after World War 2?
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