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African Americans were treated bad and they had racial protest against them

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Q: How were African Americans treated in World War 1?
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How was African American soldiers treated in World War 1?

African Americans were still treated with discrimination and prejudice, so they served in racially segregated units.

How were African Americans in World War 2 treated differently than white men?

I dont know much but i know that they were treated worse and much more strict. African Americans had more jobs and duty's to perfrom during world war two.

Was African Americans treated fairly after the civil war?


How was the African Americans treated after World War 1?

Unfortunately, many of the same racial attitudes prevailed after the war, as before it.

How were African Americans treated during the civil war?

How African Americans were treated during the civil war varied based on where they were living. Some were treated horrible and were even killed, while others were treated as equal human beings.

How were Jewish Americans treated during World War 1?

Jewish Americans were not treated any different during World War I.

Which of the following true about African Americans during world war 2?

blacks were not treated equally within the military

Who fought but were treated poorly during the civil war?

African Americans

How were African-americans treated after the war?

The African Americans weren't treated too differently after the Civil War ended. They were not slaves anymore, but they were still treated as second-class citizens. They still weren't allowed to vote or get better jobs. It took about 100 years for them to be treated equaly. There is a group of people called the KKK that still treats African Americans badly.

What did African Americans do after civil war was over?

After the Civil war, most African Americans became very low paid servants, and were still very poorly treated.

How many african americans died in world war 1?

about 54,627,892 African Americans

African Americans accomplishment during world war 2?

The Tuskegee Airmen were a force of airmen that were all African Americans. They won more medals than any other air unit in the war. The African Americans fought hard in the war and many received little or no recognition. They came back from the war and were treated in the same manner before they went to the war.

In what ways did African Americans lives stay the same after the civil war?

Well, they were still treated harshly; mostly verbally. There was still much predjudice against african americans after the war

Why were African Americans treated unfairly during the Civil War?

African Americans were brought over as slaves. That is more that unfair treatment. Some were convinced that African Americans were less able than Caucasians.

What impacts did world war 2 have on African Americans?

It increased economic opportunities for many African Americans.

How did african-Americans help out in World War 1?

some African Americans were soldiers in ww1.

Did African Americans participate in world war 1?


How were African-Americans treated before the Civil War?

Horribly they were still considered slaver!:(

What impact did World War 1 and World War 2 have on the development of the civil rights movement of the twentieth century?

African Americans who fought in the war for the U.S. saw that it was wrong and unfair that they served their country and are being treated as minorities. One reason African Americans enlisted is because they believed they would obtain respect. Segregation was highly contested in the war.

What were the effects of World War 2 on women African Americans and Japanese Americans?

The women and African Americans gained more respect and rose the ranks in society. They had more opportunities to excel. The Japanese Americans however (since Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and was there enemy) were treated with disrespect and put into camps. They were unfairly treated by America during this period.

How were African-Americans lifestyle before World War 2?

African Americans lifestyles were very poor.

How did the French treat African Americans after World War 1?

African Americans have always been welcome in france

What were options for African-Americans at home during World War 2?

A statementAfrican American at this time still were being treated unfairly and experianced segregigation.African Americans at this were less of an enemy now that the Japenesse had attack the United states.

Were African Americans Nazis in World War 2?

It is possible some African Americans were Nazis, just as it is possible some caucasian Americans were Nazis, but in general, African Americans were loyal Americans.

Why was it significant that African Americans were drafted to fight in the war?

because they treated themm bad because they were colored