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How were Australian men encouraged to go to war?

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Short answer? When the Japanese Empire is knocking on your door (quite literally), you don't need much encouragement to go to war. The Australian soldiers were known throughout the Pacific Theater for the Bravery and Steadfastness. The defining moment for Australian Troops was in Papua New Guniea, where they grouped with Americans to oust the Japanese and prevent a possible invasion of the Australian Mainland. as well as the answer above, australians are known for helping their mates(buddies). australians were not going to sit back and watch their mates fight alone, nor were they going to let some other nation tell us what to do. so as you can see we didnt need much encouragement to fight for what is ours

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What percentage of the Australian population of men went to war?

30% went to war so dont go to war and stay in school

Under the leadership of Peter the Great what were Russian men encouraged to do?

Russian men were encouraged to shave their beards more in the style of men in the western countries who were beginning to go clean shaven. One way Peter the Great encouraged this was to impose a tax on men who wanted to wear beards.

Who were the people who encouraged America to go to war?

bob the builder and his friends

What were women encouraged to do during World War 2?

go out and work

Why did people want to join the army in World War 1?

At the beginning of the war it was all volunteers. The young men were encouraged by propaganda. Everyone thought the war would be over by the Christmas and they got good pay too. White feathers were nailed on the doors of people who would not go to war's houses. Most men in the village would go, so peer pressure convinced a lot of men. However, Britain was losing a lot of men later on so then they made everyone go to war.

Were men forced to go to war?

Men (that are not military) were forced to go to war only when conscription was ruled in parliament.

Why did men go to world war 1?

Men went to war for a number of reasons: 1. They were afraid of being labelled a coward if they didn't go, 2. They felt it was their sense of duty, 3. They were pressured into it, 4. Their friends were going, 5. They wanted to protect their country, 6. The Australian soldiers were following Britain.

Did all the men have to go to war?

well not all men some men stayed and some men work on there home and some went to war so not all men went to war.

Why did the opposition of the Australian government want to go to Vietnam war?

Opposition wanted to end the war.

Why did women go undercover as men to fight in the Civil War?

they wanted to go to war

When did Australian troops go to Egypt in World War 1?

In 1914.

What impact did World War Two have on Australian women while the men were absent?

the impact was that the women got to go out into the workforce to help keep supplies going they didnt get paided as much as the men. but were happy anyway. when the men came back from war the womens jobs seamed to disapear most of the women were happy to go back to the was they were before the war while other still wanted work and most found work.

Why did younger men go to war?

younger men went to war because they might have more skill than older men!!!

How much does it normally cost to go into the Australian War Memorial?

Admission into the Australian War Memorial in Canberra is free. For details of the displays and exhibits, see the related link.

The war hawks members of Congress who encouraged President Madison to go to war with Britain were led by?

Henry Clay and John C. Calhoun.

How did society view men who refused to go to war?

society viewed men as cowards and shamed them if they didnt go to war. Usually, they will be forced or drafted into the war and didnt really have a choice.

Who are some famous Australian war heros?

I don't know the specific names of famous Australian War Heroes BUT I DO KNOW WHO KNOWS! The Australian historians. I have given you a link to the historical site provided by the Australian government regarding World War 2. Go to that link and send them an email letting them what you need to know.

Did all men go to war?

No, some remained at home as they were too young. Even if they did go to war, some of the men remained at camp and then switched shifts with the men who were actually in the trenches fighting.

Did Australian conscripts have to go to Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

Of the approximate 50,000 Australian servicemen who served in Vietnam, about 19,000 of them were draftees.

Why don't I see Muslim women in the work place?

In Muslim culture, the women are not the providers; men are. Women are not encouraged to go out in public.

What did the Australian soldiers go through in World War 1?

Wouldnt have a clue from hunter

Men that din't go to civil war?

Some men didnt go into the war if they were mentally instable, physically unable, handicaped or too old to fight and or get around Some men didnt go into the war if they were mentally instable, physically unable, handicaped or too old to fight and or get around

What are the release dates for Three Men Go to War - 2012 TV?

Three Men Go to War - 2012 TV was released on: USA: 22 October 2012

Why were men forced to go to war wworld war 1?

They were forced to due to conscription

How were men convinced to go to war in the Crusades?

The men were bribed with chocolate milk and playboy magazines.