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They were loved worldwide. The press were all over them, as there were not many left.

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How were Germans treated during World War 2?

In Germany, Germans were treated with utmost respect, this was during the time of Hitler's nazi regime. Germans treated prisoners of war and individuals in the concentration camps with none.

How were the people of Norway treated during World War 2?

Roughly by the Germans

How were the Russian prisoners of war treated by the Germans in World War 2?

very porly, only the treatment of Jews was worse.

How was Germany treated after world war 2 and after world war 1?

After WWI, the Germans could not make their land bigger, and other restrictions, under the treaty of Versailles. In WWII, the Germans were treated fairly, but the militants with the rank major and above were punished.

How were the citizens of Norway treated during world war 2?

They were invaded by the Germans and were treated like other people/countries who had been taken over by the Nazi.

When did the Germans retreat from Russia in the World War 2?

During the world war 2

Was there a connection between world war 1 and world war 2?

Mainly in the way that the Allies (France in particular) treated Germany after the first gave them (the Germans) a reason to try to reverse it.

What war was fought and lost by the Germans?

World War 1 and World War 2

How were Germans treated in the United States during world war 2?

thhey wer e putted into prusons untill the end of ww2

Did the Germans win the world war 2?


Who won the 2 World War 2?

The Germans won the second world war

Did the Germans fight in World War 2?

All of it. The germans started it with Hitler.

How was Germany treated after World War 2?

They were badly treated

How many Germans fought in World War 2?


During world war 2 france as a country gave the germans the advantage in their defense?

The French did not give the Germans an advantage during the World War 2.

Who was the Americans in war with in World War 2?

they were in war with the japanese/germans/italians

What did the Germans call World War I before the World War 2?


Was Finland occupied by the Germans in world war 2?


Germans involvement in world war 2?

the cause

Did the Germans lose World War 2?

Yes they did

Who was with the Germans in World War 2?

Italy and Japan

Who stayed in World War 2 the longest?

The Germans.

Who were Germans ladders in the World War 2?


Did Sweden get occupied by the Germans in world war 2?


Why were Germans not happy with World War 2?

They lost?

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