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How were Jews treated in 1930's and 1940s in the US?


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Jews were treaded badly

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Since the early 1920s the US had very stringent immigration controls, and these were strictly enforced.

Black Slaves, brought to America by force, and treated like garbage after they were freed by the Civil War, until the passage of Civil Rights Laws in the mid 1960s.. The immigrants who came to the USA voluntary who faced the greatest challenge were the Jews. The USA is mainly a Christian nation and Jews faced a lot of hardships when they came to the USA. The USA was closed to most Jews in the 1930s and 1940s, and since, they were not wanted in other nations, many Jews who wanted to escape Nazi Germany, found out no country wanted them, so with no place to go, they wound up in the gas chambers.

They were treated really badly and they had no respect. some of the Jews were slaves for the Christian's. some or even most of the Jews were executed during that time. There is also some information in THE MERCHANT OF VENICE. the quotes tell us how they were exactly treated and how the Jews might have felt.

they never conquered the us ,but the us was fooled by a video that the Nazis made portraying the camps as places where the Jews were treated good with excellent conditions

During the 1930s internationalists wanted the US to take a more active role in world affairs.

why was isolationism so strong in the united states in the early 1930s

No, we treated them like anyone else. (Government wise) I don't know if individual people had their own feelings.

Purpose. At the time (the 1960s) the purpose was to stop communism. In the 1930s/1940s the purpose was to stop Nazism & Imperialism. During the 1860s in the US the purpose was to stop slavery. Each era (time) has it's own purpose.

Jazz as a music genre dates from the late 19th century in the Southern US . The "Jazz Age" of popular music was from about 1919 to 1933. It was superseded in popularity by Swing Music in the 1930s and 1940s, followed by Rock 'n' Roll in the 1950s.

In the 1940s the US sent fruit flies into space

It is a myth that the United States didn't know about the Holocaust until the 1940s. Evidence was reported in the mid-to-late 1930s of what Hitler and the Nazis were doing to the Jews (and to others considered "undesirable); these reports were published in certain newspapers, but they were not widely believed by most Americans at that time. And even when more proof was presented, the US government, for a complex set of reasons, chose not to take decisive action during the 1930s nor even into the early 1940s.It is still very much up for debate whether President Roosevelt did all that he could to help the Jews of Europe; Roosevelt's supporters have long insisted he did a great deal to help them, both publicly and behind the scenes. And it should be noted that no credible evidence has surfaced to link Mr. Roosevelt to the anti-Jewish attitudes of some others in his administration. But on the other hand, there are new books by reputable historians who prove that Mr. Roosevelt could have done much more. One such book, "FDR and the Jews" byRichard Breitman and Allan J. Lichtman, came out in early 2013.

Elanor Roosevelt and Bess Truman.

They learnt like us but no electroical things

Protection of US interests after WWI.

Unless they were on vacation or were born in America, and was in a Nazi controlled area at the time of the holocaust, there is almost no chance of them being put into a concentration camp. The question refers to American Jews who may have been traveling in Europe and got caught up in the war and could not get back to the US. Were American Jews treated any differently than European Jews who were interred in the camps? ____ On the whole American Jews in Nazi controlled areas were treated well as the Nazis hoped to exchange them for Germans in America.

The white people had many things that blacks didnt. Blacks were treated as animals and they even had to SIT in diferent waiteing areas because the whites were so racist.

As long as "us" refers to humans, there are no differences. Jews are humans too.

As long as "us" refers to humans, then no. Jews are humans too.

As of 2010, There are approximately 6 million Jews in the US, though about 14% of them identify as secular or cultural Jews.

British or US? Post new question.

No ,in the 1930s the presidents were Herbert Hoover and Franklin roosevelt not Theodore Roosevelt, he was Franklins distant cousin.

Isolation? They wanted the US to ignore European politics.

No, John Adams was not the President of US during WW2. Actually he was the second US President, who served the office between the years 1797 and 1801. World War 2 happened in the late 1930s and into the 1940s, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt (often called FDR) was president at that time.

Jews emigrated to the US just like Gentiles did, until the immigration act that is.

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